Middletown School District

Connecticut school district takes emergency preparedness to the next level with an easy-to-use mobile app.

Emergency Preparedness Requires Mobile Tools

A mobile app makes sharing information with staff or first responders quick and easy.

Instant Access

With a mobile app, teams can
respond instantly to a developing 
situation and take appropriate

Coordinated Efforts

During an emergency, first
responders and school staff can
access the same information
within the app.

Mobile First

Emergency and building
information is optimized for
mobile devices with a simple
and intuitive design.

An App for Rapid Response

Collaborating with first responders and sharing information enables a faster response and coordinated action plan.

  Our relationship with police, fire and emergency management has developed into a partnership. We’re giving access to all our fire and police personnel. It’s become very valuable and helps them do their job better.    

Marco Gaylord, Director of Operations

Middletown School District, Middletown CT

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