Lack of Access to Building Information for Sports Facility Management Teams in the Field is the Biggest Impediment to Improving Efficiencies in Stadium Operations

This is a problem that is often overlooked. No matter the type of facility -- football, baseball, basketball, soccer or hockey-- facility management teams spend hours looking for building information when they are in the field which significantly reduces the number of jobs they can complete in a day and creates a backlog of maintenance. Smart building technology available today can solve this problem immediately and create efficiencies for sports stadium facility management teams.

Solve Deferred Maintenance Challenges with Instant Access to Building Information

Stadium seating, faulty electrical panels and leaky pipes may seem like simple issues. However, when neglected these infrastructure issues compromise public safety and result in increased risks to the stadium owners or operators. Instant access to operations and maintenance manuals and building plans, from a mobile device in the field, will allow facility management technicians to address these problems so they can complete more work orders in a day.

Instant Access to Stadium Information for Emergency and Life Safety Teams Enabled by Sports Facility Management Software

Having instant access to stadium information in an emergency caused by a natural disaster or other instances such as a fire or an explosion can be invaluable to first responders and emergency and life safety teams. Access to critical emergency information from mobile devices at times like this not only allows you to operate efficiently but also enables you to share that information with other constituents who are involved in public safety.

When Tenured Employees Retire Historical Information About the Facility is Lost

When senior engineers and technicians retire or leave sports facilities, historical information is permanently lost. This slows down teams, while becoming a huge problem for onboarding new employees. Sports facility management software allows you to capture historical information and store data in the cloud for easy access within seconds from a mobile device. This will allow facility owners and operators to have complete custody of all their stadium information whether it is current or historical.

Everybody Involved in the Sports Facility Management Will Eventually Require Building Information Sooner or Later

Facility management teams, whether they are involved in emergency and life safety, security, custodial or capital projects, will require building information such as as-builts and close outs to complete their tasks. Inability to access the required building information in a timely manner often slows down the entire team. Smart building technology allows facilities teams to organize, streamline, and store all information in a single location, so everyone on the facilities team can access the required building information within seconds.

Empower Your Teams with Sports Facility Management Software by ARC Facilities

Avail sports facility information at your fingertips
Access Critical Sports Facility Data Instantly

Our sports facility management software allows you to access the stadium facility data you need in real-time with just a few taps from a mobile/tablet.

Mitigate emergencies quickly in sports facilities
Mitigate Sports Facility Emergencies

Access stadium risk assessment plans, like Emergency Evacuation Routes, life safety documents, floor plans, crisis management equipment, emergency contacts, refuge rooms, etc., within a few seconds.

Solve asset breakdown challenges quickly in stadiums
Address Stadium Asset Breakdowns

Counter power outages, HVAC failures and other issues with instant access to operation and manuals from your mobile device.

Scan to avail asset data instantly with QR codes
QR Code Scanning for Assets

Scan QR codes on stadium equipment directly from a mobile device to resolve specific problems, check maintenance schedules, and more.

Real time information sharing among teams
Share Information in Real-time

You can easily share crucial building data wherever you are via our facility management app with facility teams, first responders and required personnel.

Quick access to project closeout data
Get Instant Access to Project Close-out Data

Access project closeouts instantly using ARC Facilities sports facility management software.

Stadium Facility Management Becomes Easier with ARC Facilities App

Our smart building software can benefit stadium facilities in several ways. By accessing all documents through an app, you can meet your building management goals. Our mobile app is crafted to solve stadium facility management challenges that previously hampered productivity with its simple, user-friendly design.

Instant Access to Facility Data

Whether you want stadium maps, emergency response plans, operation and maintenance manuals, or project closeout data, our AI-friendly app offers instant access to these in real time via your mobile/tablet.

Why Choose ARC Facilities

Let ARC Facilities be the Partner You Need for Stadium Facility Management

Any facilities professional, regardless of technical expertise, can use the ARC Facilities app for sports facilities maintenance services. Our facility management app can be used by all team members, as well as first responders and other stakeholders, to access critical building information. Enhance the productivity of stadium buildings by switching to ARC Facilities today.

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