Boost Productivity of Facility Management Teams in School Districts by Facilitating Instant Access to Building Information

Facilities management teams in schools are responsible for the smooth operations of buildings and related facilities. This directly ties into the safety and well-being of the student and staff population on the campus. Post Covid, managing school facilities has become an even bigger challenge given the lack of staff. Even campuses that use some of the best facilities management software for schools, struggle with a backlog of work orders. One of the biggest bottlenecks to completing work orders efficiently is access to building information from the field. Smart building technology will allow you to access building information instantly anytime.

Efficient Access to Building Information from the Field Improves Productivity of Field Maintenance Teams and Eliminates Deferred Maintenance Issues

Facilities teams have been under immense pressure after schools reopened following COVID-19. School campuses remained unoccupied for an extended period of time resulting in additional maintenance challenges for facilities teams. Lack of regular maintenance and upkeep, especially in older buildings, can lead to building emergencies and endanger staff and student safety.

Prevent Historical Building Information from Being Lost When Facilities Team Members Retire or Leave the School District

When facilities team members such as engineers and technicians retire or leave, historical building information is lost forever. Employing a smart building technology will enable school authorities to have full custody of the historical building data and be able to share that with existing employees or new employees easily and efficiently.

Put Asset Management Software to Better Use with ARC Facilities

Most schools use asset management software for tracking work orders, inventory and so on. The challenge with this is that if there is an equipment malfunction, facilities teams have no access to O&M information from the field. ARC Facilities enables instant access to O&M information from the field which significantly improves efficiency and reduces maintenance backlogs. Facilities teams also can share this information with outside service providers, instantly.

Enhance the Productivity of Your School Facilities Management Teams with Smart Building Technology

Provide instant access to building plans, close-outs, O&M documentation and more to facilities teams in the field. This will not only improve the efficiency of the facilities teams but also the safety and security of students and staff members. Building information can also easily be accessed by custodial teams and capital project teams as required. With smart technology for the built space, building information is organized, streamlined, and stored in a single location with easy access through a mobile app. This will allow facilities team members to access the information efficiently from anywhere, anytime resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.

Empower your Team with Facility Management Software for Schools

Avert Facility Crisis by instantly accessing critical emergency documents.
Crisis Mitigation

To avoid school facility disasters, teams should be able to access emergency plans and equipment logs, training manuals, safety data sheets, refuge rooms, evacuation routes, and other resources. Our facility management app lets you access it all with a few swipes.

Access Shut-Offs and Equipment Maps
Shut-offs and Access to Equipment Maps

Find shut-off locations quickly in educational facilities using our facility management software to avoid plumbing failures, pipe or gas leaks. This will prevent damage to an entire facility and reduce productivity downtime.

Instant data sharing via mobile facilities solutions
Quick Data Sharing

Using our maintenance management software for schools, you can effortlessly share facility data with field staff, contractors, technicians, first responders, staff, and others.

Seamless facility management solutions
Facility Mobile Solutions

Data on buildings and equipment are easily accessible anytime, anywhere with our robust school facility management app.

QR code scanning feature for all assets
QR Code Scanning

Get equipment data on the go. Whether it is an AC or a Boiler, you can instantly access operation and maintenance manuals by simply scanning the equipment via QR codes.

Elevate the Performance of K-12 Facilities With Our Award-Winning Facility Management App

Our facility management software is the ideal solution for your K12 facility. In addition to building management, crisis mitigation along with asset maintenance, all sensitive building data is digitized for instant access. Just tap on the mobile app and access information from wherever you are. Equip your facility teams with our school facility management app and boost the efficiency of your teams everyday.

Real-Time Data Availability

Get quick access to the building data you need via your mobile device.

Unlimited Data Storage

We use a sophisticated cloud storage that provides unlimited facility data file storage. Using a simple drag and drop process, you can add data and retrieve at anytime via your mobile device.

Why Choose ARC Facilities

We Provide Building Management Solutions for K-12 Facilities

A major benefit of the facility management app built by ARC Facilities is its ease of use. You don’t need expert technical skills to use our product. Our app is easy to use for facilities teams and other stakeholders. Contact us to find out how we can help increase the productivity of your K-12 facility team.

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