Bolster the performance of Healthcare Facility Management software by providing instant access to hospital information from the field

Whether it is a routine maintenance issue or an emergency, facilities teams must act immediately from a hospital facility management perspective. In order to do this Facilities engineers and technicians require building information including as-builts, closeouts and O&M data frequently. The inability to access this information efficiently is the biggest bottleneck in healthcare facility management. The ARC Facilities management app utilizes artificial intelligence and contextual search allowing facilities teams to search and access the required information on a mobile device from the field within seconds.

Don’t Let the Environment of Care Become your Achilles Heel

Compliance issues are always challenging, time-consuming and stressful in healthcare facilities. Accessing and updating Environment of Care information for Compliance can be a major distraction for healthcare professionals. Maintaining and updating compliance information for Environment of Care on paper is not only complex and time-consuming but also prone to omissions and errors. ARC Facilities Compliance Module not only provides instant access to Environment of Care information but also enables you to update information regularly allowing you to be compliant year-round.

Keep Patients and Staff Safe in Emergencies

Emergencies happen in facilities. However, in hospital facilities, patient and staff safety can easily be compromised if facilities teams are ill-prepared for emergencies. A simple fire, a gas leak, or even a leaky pipe if not addressed immediately can become an emergency and lead to evacuations in hospitals putting patient safety at risk. Moreover, this would have a serious impact on the business continuity of the healthcare facility. Healthcare facilities management software will not only allow you to have instant access to critical building information anywhere anytime but also allow you to share such emergency information with first responders and safety teams in an emergency.

Design Engineering Teams Can Access As-Builts and Closeouts Anytime with the ARC Facilities Management App

Capital project teams and construction managers are always at work in hospitals constantly updating and making additions to Healthcare Facilities. In order to accomplish these projects, these teams need accurate and updated information on the current facilities. New extensions and renovations in healthcare facilities are often subject to cost overruns due to inaccurate information or the inability to quickly access to the building information during the construction project phase.

Preserve Historic Building Information When Tenured Employees Retire or Leave the Healthcare Facilities Management Team

Historic information for hospital buildings is frequently lost permanently when long term employees leave. This becomes a major impediment for ongoing maintenance teams since tenured employees often retain important information in their memory.

This not only becomes a challenge for existing teams but also becomes a bigger issue when onboarding new employees in facilities teams. The ARC Facilities solution is designed and developed to easily and efficiently capture and record all historical information on an ongoing basis. This will allow facility owners to retain critical historical building information in their custody. Moreover, this information can also be shared with third-party vendors when required.

It's time to shift to smart building technology to maximize productivity in hospital facilities management software

Healthcare Facilities today employ cutting edge technology to deliver exceptional patient care. This is evidenced by the use of technology in every segment of healthcare especially with the Frontline care teams. However, facility management teams in healthcare facilities continue to store building and compliance information on paper, making access to critical building information difficult and time-consuming. While healthcare facilities continue to invest in expensive hospital management software, facilities teams should not be left behind scrambling for information whether it be for routine maintenance, compliance, or emergencies.

ARC Facilities Hospital Management Software for Facilities

Seamless planned preventive maintenance with mobile facilities app
Planned Preventive Maintenance

Provide technicians on the go with instant data about defective equipment by accessing asset maintenance logs in real-time.

Easy to use mobile facility management solutions
Mobile Hospital Facility Solutions

You can access healthcare facility data anywhere with our robust facility management app.

Quick response taken during unplanned healthcare facility emergencies
Emergency Response

Get instant access to emergency plans, including evacuation/entrance routes, emergency contacts, floor plans, emergency equipment, refuge rooms, safety data sheets, and training manuals in case of hospital emergencies.

Access O&M documentation on the field or off it
O&M Manuals on the go

With only a few clicks, hospital facility professionals can easily access equipment maintenance information. Data is available on mobile, tablet, and laptop.

Easily locate shut-offs and equipment maps from your mobile at the hour of need
Equipment Maps and Easy Access to Shut-offs

By finding shut-off locations quickly, you can stop a leak in a hospital pipeline on the go. Access maps, floor plans, of the entire building of a healthcare facility to identify faulty equipment.

Easy QR scanning feature available for accessing equipment information
QR Scanning for Equipment Information

The HVAC is not cooling creating a decaying odor which is highly toxic to patients. Access O&Ms in real time to make critical equipment repairs on the go.

Quickly access project close out details and avoid errors in construction
Instantly Access Renovation Documents

Easily access retrofit and renovation documents with our highly intuitive hospital document management software. Use it to boost construction project productivity.

Never fail any healthcare compliance audits with instant access to accurate building information
Healthcare Compliance

Our healthcare facility management software lets you instantly access compliance data.

ARC Facilities: Your Partner for Managing Healthcare Facility Operations Effortlessly

You can manage critical aspects of your healthcare facility management needs with the ARC Facilities hospital facility management software. Utilize data efficiently, share it instantly, and avoid hospital facility management challenges by gaining quick access to data.

Complements Existing Healthcare Facilities Management Software

If you are using healthcare facility management software such as a CMMS , you can use the ARC Facilities mobile facility management solution in tandem to maximize hospital management operations.

Instant Access to Building Data

All documents are stored in the cloud and can be accessed instantly from anywhere, in real-time with our mobile-friendly healthcare document management. Available on mobile, it’s like always carrying a plan room with you.

Intuitive and Agile

To locate critical building data in a hospital plan room is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Get real-time access to facility data with our healthcare facility management software. It takes just a few clicks to access data on the go.

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