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With Smart Building Technology Like ARC Facilities as Part of Your Facility Management Software Suite, Your Facilities Team Can Gain Control of All Your Critical Building Information - Allowing Access to Building Information, Which is Typically Stored in a Plan Room or File Servers, from Anywhere in the Field Within Seconds

Empower everyone on your team to access thousands of drawings, O&M documentation or emergency and life safety information all through a simple app whether you are on the field or in a remote location.

Stop spending hours looking for documents and start completing more work orders with the information you need in the palm of your hands.

Your Entire Suite of Facility Management Software Solutions Can be Used More Effectively When You Have Instant Access to Building Information Through a Simple App

Gaining access to as-builts, closeouts, and O&M information is time consuming and has been the biggest bottleneck for the facilities management industry.

A large majority of building owners still maintain physical document storage rooms. Using smart building technology will not only allow you to eliminate messy plan rooms but also file servers which are complex and time consuming in terms of accessing building information. Even better, Smart Building Technology will allow you to create simple links in your CMMS or BMS solutions to access building information such as plans, closeouts, and maintenance records within seconds.

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ARC Facilities has much to offer to managers and technicians in the field. Explore the useful features of our facility management app to streamline facility management activities. With a few swipes, get building data in real time

Mobile Facility Management Solutions

Access data on the go with our robust facility management app.

Easy to Use Asset Management Software

Map out equipment and asset locations from your mobile device.

As-builts List View and Map View

Access map and list views via an app.

Scan Equipment QR Codes

Maintain, manage, and repair faulty equipment on the go by accessing O&M documentation from QR codes.

Equipment Maps and Shut-off Locations

Avert emergencies and manage breakdowns smoothly with instant access to shut-off locations.

Prevent Loss of Institutional Knowledge

When team members retire or move on. We’ll help you take custody of your building information.

Data Sharing Via Mobile Device

Share building data with team members, emergency responders and others instantly via our facility management app.

Emergency Evacuation Routes

Facility management software helps everyone access Emergency Evacuation Routes during dangerous situations.

Our Powerful Products

Our facility management software is designed to help you quickly respond to emergencies, address equipment maintenance, and prevent institutional knowledge from leaving your facility. With our mobile-friendly app, all parties will be on the same page, whether it's mitigating an emergency or enhancing productivity.

Mobile Facility Solutions for Instant access to building information
Building Plans
Mobile Facility Solutions for Instant access to building information MOB

ARC Facilities mobile friendly solutions will let you access building information with just a few taps and a swipe.

Mobile Facility Solutions for Instant access to building information

Transforming the World of Facilities Management

Our Software is Trusted Across All Industries

ARC Facilities Intuitive Facility Management Software is Helping Organizations Across a Variety of Industries Maintain Business Continuity and Keep Buildings Well-Maintained and Safe.


Hospitals operate 24/7/365 and they’re constantly growing and expanding to accommodate patient’s needs. When facility equipment fails, patient health suffers. Hospitals are subject to annual surveys, so keeping healthcare compliance documentation up to date and in order are ongoing concerns. ARC Facilities provides healthcare facility management teams fast access to building and renovation changes, healthcare compliance documentation and emergency information.

Higher Education

College and university campuses consist of both historic and new buildings. A 100+ year old building may also include a mix of current and newly installed equipment. Public safety, post-pandemic recovery, and student quality of life are important in higher education facilities. Using ARC Facilities on-campus provides technicians with accurate construction documentation, access to emergency info and equipment mapping.

Sports Facilities and Stadiums

Our sports facilities are often packed with large crowds, so concerns about public safety, hygiene and emergency responsiveness are top-of-mind for facility management teams who also must maintain equipment and deliver a quality experience to customers. Stadium facility teams rely on ARC Facilities to map emergency and other equipment and to capture facility knowledge otherwise lost to retirements.

Commercial & Industrial

When disruptions due to floods, fires, and power outages take place at warehouses, manufacturing plants and other commercial and industrial facilities, business continuity and profitability are at stake. Facilities management teams using ARC Facilities have all their building information, equipment maintenance logs and emergency information instantly available to respond to situations that may cause plants to be shut down.

State & Local Government

Typically, state, and local government buildings are 50+ years old, spread out geographically over miles and need ongoing maintenance. These historic buildings, which include prisons, courthouses and recreation facilities are in constant use by the public and government officials. ARC Facilities gives on-the-go facility teams fast access to details including equipment information, historic building plans, and safety information.

Financial Institutions

Banks and credit unions have multiple locations across cities and counties, so facility management requires traveling to and from locations. Facility teams often work short-staffed, so maximizing team efficiency on-the-go is critical. Having building and equipment information at-hand helps technicians in the field be more productive and able to conduct remote troubleshooting when incidents occur after hours or on weekends.

K12 School Districts

With kids, teachers, and staff members learning and working from aging buildings, indoor air quality and active shootings are an ongoing concern, and safety is critical. ARC Facilities gives school facility managers instant access to HVAC locations, evacuation routes and the ability to text inside building information to first responders in the event of an emergency.

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