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An App for Facilities Management

We built the smartest app for facilities managers with instant access to building information.

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We believe facility management software should provide instant access to building and equipment information.

Optimized for Mobility

Mobile-first design for simple navigation and powerful resources.

Interactive Facility Maps

Quickly locate As-Builts, Shutoffs, and Equipment with simple tap.

  • Access AS-BUILTS Quickly

    ARC Facilities iOS App
    ARC Facilities App
  • Locate SHUTOFFS Instantly

    ARC Building App
    Shutoff Valve Management
    Blue Shutoff Valve
    Blue Shutoff Valve
    Red Shutoff Valve
    Find Equipment
  • Find EQUIPMENT Faster

    ARC Facilities Android App
    Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
    Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
    Rooftop Chiller
    Boiler Maintenance
    Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
    Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
    Chiller Maintenance
    ARC Equipment Management

How much could you save?

Create a personalized report that reveals deep insights into the hidden costs of facilities management. Quantify the value of saving time, mitigating risks and boosting productivity with instant access to information.

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Instant Access with Intelligent Modules

Facility maintenance information organized into scalable modules.

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Imagine accessing your entire planroom on your phone or tablet. Managing building information is easy with a mobile app that is continuously updated and organizes for the latest As-Builts, plan sets and shutoff locations. With interactive maps, chronological lists and powerful search tools, even the newest employees can locate the information they need in seconds. Eliminate wasted time searching for information and complete projects faster with ARC Buildings.


In order to efficiently maintain equipment, you need fast access to information. Unfortunately for technicians, accessing that information while working in the field is nearly impossible. That is until now. With ARC’s equipment management solution, technicians can use their mobile devices to quickly locate equipment, scan QR codes and instantly access O&M's, service logs, warranties, pictures and other maintenance-related documentation. ARC Equipment is the perfect complement to any facilities maintenance software or CMMS solution.


Emergency situations develop suddenly and escalate quickly. Instant access to critical building, life safety and equipment information can minimize damage and protect lives. Apps enable teams to expedite emergency preparedness and response with powerful mobile tools. Safely shutting down a piece of equipment, a power source or water line can prevent injuries and damage. Make every second count and stay prepared for incidents, accidents and emergencies with ARC Emergency.


Recovering from the results of a poor compliance audit could lead to higher overtime costs and increased backlogs for preventative facility maintenance. Using ARC Compliance, your team can streamline the audit process with instant access to Environment of Care, Life Safety and Statement of Condition Floor Plans. Using mobile devices and ARC Compliance, team members leverage a digital workflow to update maintenance information and track progress toward an audit-ready status for optimum facility compliance.


Typically delivered as a mixed collection of paper, binders, CDs and other digital media, project closeouts present numerous challenges for facilities teams. Unfortunately, construction closeout documents are difficult to manage and nearly impossible to access from a mobile device. ARC Closeouts is the definitive solution for this problem. Simply bring your closeout package to one of our local offices and we do the rest. Our team digitizes, organizes and links all your information and delivers it back to you in a simple, easy-to-use mobile app.


We're helping facilities managers respond faster, mitigate risks and improve service with instant access to information.

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Our award-winning FM app is the new way to manage facilities across all industries.

Traditional facility management software isn’t optimized for the needs of a mobile workforce. Get instant access to critical information, regardless of your industry, with the ARC Facilities mobile app.





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