Instantly access and share facility information

ARC Facilities interprets and connects all of your building information on a single platform. Instantly access facility details, operating manuals, and emergency procedures to maintain safe, comfortable spaces for everyone.

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Do more efficient work each day

Facilities professionals use ARC Facilities to work smarter, save time, and keep costs under control.

  • Mobile

    Access up-to-date building information from the field

  • Emergency

    Prevent issues from becoming disasters

  • Clock

    Get hours back each week to tackle your backlog


Bring AI-powered technology to your facilities

Modernize your facility operations by equipping your team with the latest in digital document processing, AI, and machine learning.

  • Search Digital Planroom

    Search a highly organized virtual planroom to find building information in seconds--As-Builts, closeouts and more from your mobile device.

  • Navigate with interactive facility maps

    With our interactive maps you can explore a facility virtually to locate assets, floorplans and shutoffs

  • Respond to emergencies

    Quickly locate shut-offs, access points and procedures and share them with first responders.

  • Access service equipment easily

    Access equipment details and O&M manuals right from the field with just the tap of a button on your handheld device

  • Manage equipment with QR codes

    We tag equipment with QR codes to facilitate quick identification of assets and to expedite repair and maintenance

  • Organize compliance related information

    Confidently prepare for compliance surveys and know exactly where to find your building information.

Digitize your world faster with ARC Facilities

When you start using the ARC Facilities platform, you unlock access to an expert onboarding team to get you up and running quickly. We handle digitizing your existing building information, and provide training and support to your team.

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