The Middletown School District is focused on educating and inspiring 4,800+ students from preschool to high school. The organization combines dedication and enthusiasm with current technology to help students reach their full potential. Priority is given to maintaining a safe environment that is conducive to learning.

The Challenge

In the past, the Middletown School District's manuals, facility plans, and prints were all paper-based. There were so many files that the shelves were stacked. Searching and locating the specific information was a challenge. The paper-based approach created more security risks. If there was an emergency and they needed to know where something was, it was time-consuming and laborious to find the relevant building information. The Middletown School District needed a solution that would deliver instant access for faster emergency response.

The Solution

The Middletown School District teamed up with ARC Facilities to deploy a mobile solution to solve their challenges. With ARC Facilities now in place, the organization can locate building information instantly and collaborate with first responders to enable a faster response and coordinated action plan.

The Results

Key benefits of the ARC Facilities deployment include:

  • Powerful search tools enabling users to find what they need in seconds
  • A growing library of documents that is continuously updated
  • Automatic synching to each user's device
  • Remote mobile access for great visibility, control and fast response
  • Security cameras are linked to equipment maps to access video feeds

The Middletown School District now has instant mobile access to time-critical facilities information that can be easily shared with staff or first responders.

An App for Rapid Response

Collaborating with first responders and sharing information enables a faster response and coordinated action plan.


To learn more about how ARC Facilities can make facility information access easier for your team request a demo today.