Improve Equipment Life with a Powerful Facility Management App

Make smarter decisions during planned preventive maintenance with our facility management app. Identify the steps that can be taken to prevent downtime, avert emergencies and track progress of commercial assets. Our Industrial maintenance management software also allows you to quickly address asset breakdowns by making operation and maintenance manuals instantly available at your fingertips to help extend equipment life.

Enhanced Preventive Maintenance

Equipment in manufacturing facilities must work optimally to prevent downtime. Therefore, implementing a preventive maintenance plan is a necessity. Yet, even with the best-laid plans, equipment still malfunctions. Our facility management app offers asset data instantly via QR code scanning, which can accelerate the process of replacing equipment parts, and minimizing downtime.

Minimize the Impact of Emergencies

Fires, equipment malfunction, biohazard dangers, and short circuits lead to damage to resources and potential loss of human lives. With our facility management software for manufacturing, anyone can counter emergencies, and operation managers will always have instant access to emergency data like contacts, life safety data, emergency equipment, biohazard alerts, refuge rooms, and other important data that can help them avert a crisis.

Quick Access to Building Plans

Imagine you’re the new operation manager of a huge manufacturing firm, and there is an issue in section A of your building. The issue needs to be addressed immediately, and the crisis management team needs to be notified quickly to address it. With our facility maintenance software, you can take immediate action by quickly obtaining building maps, as-builts, floor plans, etc.

Prevent Damage to the Facility

Let’s say there is a water leak in your manufacturing firm, and the leak will compromise your sensitive assets. If you are not in the facility, using a facility management app via your web or mobile, you can share the location of shut-offs quickly with your staff and they can respond to such emergencies. This will minimize the chances of damage to your industrial facility’s critical assets.

Security and Easy Access to Documents

The team at ARC Facilities captures data from repository rooms and scans it via sophisticated Optical Character Recognition software (OCR), this data is then stored in a secure cloud and is transported to the facility management software, which allows instant access to documents. Access documents like as-builts, emergency plans, compliance information, project closeouts, legacy data, via mobile devices.

Mobile-Friendly Solution

Computerized maintenance management software(CMMS) has been used for decades by manufacturing industries to allocate work orders, perform preventive maintenance, track inventories etc. These do not have mobile capabilities, despite their long-term benefits. More than 85% of manufacturing facility occupants agree that a mobile device makes their operations more efficient. We have created a mobile app to help manufacturing and commercial firms manage their facilities with ease. With our intuitive maintenance management software, you can instantly access building plans, emergency, and equipment data and other useful information, which can help you boost daily facility productivity.

Gain Control of Building Information with Facility Management Solutions by ARC Facilities

Control facility crsis by instantly accessing emergency documents like equipment, plans, safety data sheets, contacts & more
Crisis Control

It is imperative that teams have access to emergency plans, equipment logs, training manuals, safety data sheets, refuge rooms, evacuation routes, and other resources to prevent manufacturing disasters in buildings. You can access it all with our facility management app.

With just one click, you can access equipment maps along with shut-offs
Equipment Maps for Shut-offs, Get it all with a Click

To avoid plumbing failures, pipe leaks, and gas leaks in commercial facilities, use our facility management software. In addition to preventing damage to the entire facility, this will also result in reducing downtime.

Easy, Quick data sharing
Seamless, Simple Data Sharing

We offer maintenance management software designed for commercial industries that enables seamless data sharing with technicians, contractors, first responders, and staff.

Mobile facility access at all times
Mobile Facility Access

Using our robust manufacturing facility management software, you can easily access data about buildings and equipment from anywhere, at any time.

QR codes scanning feature available for getting asset data on the move
QR Code

On the go, you can access equipment data by scanning QR codes with the facility management mobile app. Through QR codes, you can instantly access operation and maintenance manuals for equipment, whether it's an AC or a boiler.

Improve the Performance of Commercial Facilities with Manufacturing Management Software

We have facility management software that meets all your facility maintenance needs. In addition to crisis mitigation, building management, as well as asset maintenance, everything is digitized for your access. Manage your facility more efficiently by accessing critical building data quickly and sharing it instantly with facility teams for enhanced management.

Access to Data in Real Time

With our facility management app, you can get real-time building data with just a few taps on your mobile device.

Quick and Intuitive

With our mobile-friendly maintenance management software, you can access all facility information on the go. Quickly access the required facility information you need in real time.

Why Facilities Teams Choose ARC Facilities

ARC Facilities Provides Innovative Solutions for Industrial Facilities

A major aspect of the maintenance management software built by ARC Facilities is its ease of use. Using our product is easy and you don’t need technical expertise. We offer an app designed not only for facility managers, but extended facilities teams as well. In addition to being easy to use, it is convenient for construction teams and technicians that oversee the entire facility's projects. Contact us today to boost the productivity of your industrial facility.

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