Facility Management Teams on College Campuses Can Use Smart Building Technology to Access Building Information from the Field Using a Mobile App

The US is home to over 4,000 Colleges and Universities, many of which are over 50 years old. Most of these campus buildings go through renovations and retrofits over the years resulting in a significant amount of additional building information. Therefore, accessing building information whether for routine maintenance or in emergencies becomes an onerous task for university facility management teams. Building information is trapped in document storage rooms making it hard to access on a regular basis. ARC Facilities’ smart building technology can solve this challenge and help university facility teams access data through a mobile app while on the go.

Access to Building Information from the Field is the Biggest Bottleneck to Productivity Further Aggravating Deferred Maintenance

Faulty electrical panels, broken HVAC systems, burst water mains and leaky gas pipes are all common occurrences on college campuses. Lack of access to building information makes work order completions slow and inefficient. This further aggravates deferred maintenance challenges. Providing instant access to critical building information ‘on the go’ to facility management teams will transform the way the teams function. Instead of traveling back and forth from the field to the document repositories, facilities teams can go from job to job without having to stop and search for the information they need. ARC Facilities’ mobile app will allow them to instantly access building information from the field. It’s like carrying a document repository in your pocket.

Retiring Workers Have Become a Major Issue for Campus Facility Management Teams

When tenured employees retire, historical building information is lost permanently. In large college campuses with older buildings, historical information becomes even more important for facilities management. Post-COVID-19, this problem has become very acute in educational facilities across the country. With smart building technology, facilities managers today can capture current and historical building information on a real time basis and store it permanently for easy access in a single location. This will not only allow the remaining facilities team members to continue to operate the campus efficiently but also will enable new employees to get up to speed immediately on critical building information on the campus. Every university should look to add a Smart Building Technology to their suite of software.

Quick Access to Emergency and Life Safety Information is a Critical Need for College Campuses Today

The safety and security of students and staff is increasingly important at colleges and universities. In emergencies, looking for building information stored in document storage rooms or data repositories is time consuming and frustrating. With the ARC Facilities app, enhancing emergency preparedness by making emergency and life safety information instantly available to first responders becomes easy and effortless. Critical building information can not only be accessed but also shared easily through mobile devices.

Consolidate Current and Historical Building Information into One Single Master Set Which Can Be Accessed Anytime

Over the years building information for colleges is often stored in document storage rooms or data servers in multiple buildings across campuses. This makes access to information, whether for routine maintenance or in an emergency, time consuming and difficult. The ARC Facilities solution will solve this problem for you. ARC Facilities document experts will scan, upload, consolidate and streamline all your building information and create a single master set for the entire campus. Once the master set is created, it can be updated easily and efficiently in real-time allowing you to instantly access reliable building information from anywhere, anytime.

Explore Winning Features of Higher Education Facilities Management Software

Stop emergencies from escalating in higher education facilities
Boost Asset Operation Efficiency

Our asset management software for higher education features QR code scanning that helps managers or field workers access equipment data in real time for implementing better preventive maintenance strategies and handling asset breakdowns.

Instantly share data with first responders during an emergency with facilities mobile app.
Emergency Mitigation in Higher Education

Instantly access critical building data like emergency exits, floor plans, emergency equipment, life safety documents, and other necessary information needed to counter specific facility dangers directly from a mobile app within moments.

Streamlined modules to access any data you need in real time
Share Data with Facility Teams & First Responders

Access critical building data instantly in real-time and share it on the go with first responders, and facilities teams within seconds.

accessing information in real-time
Modules for Data Access

Our higher education facilities management software is an innovative app for accessing information in real-time. Just a few swipes and you can access emergency plans, building plans, compliance, or more anytime, anywhere.

Troubleshoot asset breakdowns immediately with instant access to O&M manuals
Compliance Data Anytime, Anyplace

Whether it is asset maintenance data or emergency documentation, you can access it on the go with our intuitive facility management app.

Trouble shoot immediate asset breakdowns with instant access to O&M documentation.
Address Asset Breakdowns on the run

Instantly access equipment operation manuals on your mobile device to resolve lighting, HVAC, building problems, and other issues.

Higher Education Facilities Can Benefit from Smart Building Software

The biggest bottleneck to productivity in building management for higher education facilities is access to critical building information. The inability to access information from the field not only slows down productivity, but often results in increased costs due to extended delays on repairs and rectification. A small leak not rectified immediately can become a major leak and disrupt the entire building operations.

Instantly Access Higher Education Facility Data

Looking for as-builts, emergency preparedness data, project closeouts, compliance, or O&Ms? Get it all with the ARC Facilities Management app for higher education.

The Future of Facility Management Software

We are not a CMMS or a BMS. ARC Facilities is the next generation of smart building software for the built space which will allows you to access building information from anywhere within seconds from a mobile device.

Maintain Sustainable Higher Education Facility Management with ARC Facilities

Improve Sustainability in College and University Buildings with ARC Facilities Software

No more prints or multiple copies of drawings to share with third party contractors. Store all your building information on the cloud and easily share it with multiple team members without having to order additional prints. Eliminate the unnecessary driving back and forth between repair locations and document storage facilities wasting fuel and time. Access building information from your mobile device and share it as required with a few taps. Users of the ARC Facilities app can manage higher education facilities regardless of their technical expertise. Anyone working in or out of the facility can use our facility management app, including facility managers, field workers, operations managers, and administrators. The app's friendly user interface allows technicians to use it on the go as well enhance your higher education facility management team's productivity. Get started today.

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