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AdventHealth Wesley Chapel

The Challenge

AdventHealth Wesley Chapel (AHWC) needed mobile access to building documents to respond faster during emergencies and improve efficiency. While the organization had all the building documents stored digitally, it was still a manual and time-consuming process to search and retrieve the digital files. If an onsite emergency occurred, a technician would have to travel to the hospital and act quickly to mitigate risks or shut-off a malfunctioning system. AHWC needed an innovative digital solution that empowered them with more visibility and control.

The Solution

After seeing a demo of the ARC Facilities Platform, the choice was clear for AdventHealth Wesley Chapel. ARC's innovative technology would empower the AHWC team to achieve their ambitious goals of providing excellent customer service, being exceptionally efficient, and continuously improving service response times.
Deployment was seamless; the solution allowed everyone on the onboarding staff to access essential facilites information on mobile devices. Security officers were provided with iPads and trained on how they could minimize building damage and protect bulding occupants during after-hour emergencies. Meanwhile, onboarded new hires were shown how they could quickly access bulding information on mobile devices.

The Results

Since partnering with ARC Facilties, AdventHealth Wesley Chapel has experienced key benefits including:
  • Improved mobile access to important building information
  • Removed previous time-consuming and labor intensive process
  • Increased levels of visibility and control
  • Augmented efficiencies with an intuitive solution
  • Experienced top-notch ARC Facilites customer service

Point and Click Visual Navigation

Access to as-builts, shut-off maps and equipment locations means technicians can quickly resolve any maintenance or emergency situations.


To learn more about how ARC Facilities can make facility information access easier for your team request a demo today.