Manage Your Construction Projects From Wherever You Are

Manage your construction projects quickly and easily. Whether onsite or away, you can control and monitor every aspect of your building via our construction project management software. Stay updated about the changes in your building and make informed decisions via the power of mobile.


Because of renovations, buildings are constantly changing. Each change adds documentation. Facilities may be involved in hundreds of renovation projects. Organize, monitor and update all your construction documents via ARC Facilities construction project management software.

Simple and Quick

By using mobile devices to share construction closeout documentation, service levels, safety and productivity improve.

Key Benefits of using Construction Project Management Software

Maintain Latest Set of Drawings

Download and check drawing sheets against index and make sure proper sheets are transmitted to the construction teams. Create, publish and access reports instantly.

Download and check specification documents. Create and publish reports with ease thanks to seamless navigation features.

Post RFI’s latest plans and specs within 48 hours of receiving a response from construction teams. You can further review these RFI posts anytime, anywhere.

Construction Project Closeout data is available to all whether on the field or off it, anytime at any place.

Missing project details are identified and rectified. All information is available for transfer instantly after a project ends.


Our Software is Trusted Across All Industries

ARC Facilities Intuitive Facility Management Software is Helping Organizations Across a Variety of Industries Maintain Business Continuity and Keep Buildings Well-Maintained and Safe

Hospitals operate 24/7/365 and they’re constantly growing and expanding to accommodate patient’s needs. When facility equipment fails, patient health suffers. Hospitals are subject to annual surveys, so keeping healthcare compliance documentation up to date and in order are ongoing concerns. ARC Facilities provides hospital facility teams fast access to building and renovation changes, healthcare compliance documentation and emergency information.
Higher Education
College and university campuses consist of both historic and new buildings. A 100+ year old building may also include a mix of current and newly installed equipment. Public safety, post-pandemic recovery, and student quality of life are important in higher education facilities. Using ARC Facilities on-campus provides technicians with accurate construction documentation, access to emergency info and equipment mapping.
Sports Facilities and Stadiums
Our sports facilities are often packed with large crowds, so concerns about public safety, hygiene and emergency responsiveness are top-of-mind for facility management teams who also must maintain equipment and deliver a quality experience to customers. Stadium facility teams rely on ARC Facilities to map emergency and other equipment and to capture facility knowledge otherwise lost to retirements.
Commercial & Industrial
When disruptions due to floods, fires, and power outages take place at warehouses, manufacturing plants and other commercial and industrial facilities, business continuity and profitability are at stake. Facilities management teams using ARC Facilities have all their building information, equipment maintenance logs and emergency information instantly available to respond to situations that may cause plants to be shut down.
State & Local Government
Typically, state, and local government buildings are 50+ years old, spread out geographically over miles and need ongoing maintenance. These historic buildings, which include prisons, courthouses and recreation facilities are in constant use by the public and government officials. ARC Facilities gives on-the-go facility teams fast access to details including equipment information, historic building plans, and safety information.
Financial Institutions
Banks and credit unions have multiple locations across cities and counties, so facility management requires traveling to and from locations. Facility teams often work short-staffed, so maximizing team efficiency on-the-go is critical. Having building and equipment information at-hand helps technicians in the field be more productive and able to conduct remote troubleshooting when incidents occur after hours or on weekends.
K12 School Districts
With kids, teachers, and staff members learning and working from aging buildings, indoor air quality and active shootings are an ongoing concern, and safety is critical. ARC Facilities gives school facility managers instant access to HVAC locations, evacuation routes and the ability to text inside building information to first responders in the event of an emergency.

Why Choose ARC Facilities

Mitigate risk, increase productivity, and save time while creating a great building experience for occupants and visitors across various industries.

Accuracy in Reports

Reports are generated instantly and data is captured quickly with our construction management software.

Innovative Facility Technologies

ARC Facilities has created a highly intuitive construction project management application that includes advanced machine learning, scanning, contextual search, and AI.

Computerized Data Capture

Capture data related to construction projects quickly. Get in touch with contractors, review updated changes, and access old blueprints for smooth renovations in the future with our construction facility management software.

Mitigate Emergencies

Manage blueprints, and building specifications, or share data, anytime, anywhere to ensure emergency responsiveness.

Streamline Information Sharing

ARC Facilities construction management software streamlines the work of construction teams and facility managers. Managers can easily assess the construction project plans, and track progress using our facility management app.

Smart Mobile Support

You will have access to all your project data from any mobile device regardless of how many projects you have.

What Makes ARC Facilities Stand Out

Harness the power of technology to simplify and accelerate access to building documentation – a productivity booster for every facility.

ISO Certified

We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified to ensure that we uphold maximum standard.

Leverages AI

We use powerful Artificial intelligence to make our product intuitive, practical.

We Do the Work

From scanning to uploading, onsite mapping, and training, our team does it all.

Safe & Secure

We use sophisticated technologies to ensure cloud data is free of malware or viruses.

Our Products

Improve Productivity, Reduce Risk, and Capture Legacy Knowledge with modules tailored to your specific needs. Instantly access as-built construction documents, emergency equipment locations, O&Ms and other equipment information, or current construction project information all from your mobile device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Access and monitor the latest set of drawings.
  • Maintains an up-to-date set of specs.
  • Continuous mobile access after and during project completion.
  • RFI management.
  • Closeout package after project completion.
Yes, at ARC Facilities, we can solve all your construction facility project management needs irrespective of the size of your construction plans or facility.
Yes, before investing you can opt for a Request demo from our website. Just fill in the required form.
To buy our facilities construction project management software, all you need to do is sign into our website and request a quote.
Construction project management software like ARC Facilities integrates closeouts seamlessly into building documents, leveraging smart technology to track and deliver closeouts efficiently upon project completion.
Yes, we provide training to new users in ARC facilities. Our professionals personally conduct demonstrations of the software, guiding users on how to harness the features of construction project management software effectively.
Our software at ARC Facilities efficiently handles project scheduling and resource allocation. It provides valuable data regarding the timing of the last renovation, offering insights into the project history. Additionally, it offers access to blueprints from previous renovations, aiding in resource allocation and scheduling for current projects.

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