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AdventHealth Carrollwood - Enhancing Patient Care

Facilities Data On Demand Keeps Hospital Running Smoothly

AdventHealth Eliminates Bottlenecks to Critical Building & Equipment Information – Improving Patient Care and Customer Service

AdventHealth Carrollwood is a 119-bed hospital, based in Tampa, which provides award-winning care across a wide variety of services including heart care, spine and orthopedics, wound care, bariatrics, a 24/7 ER, and more. Patients have noted the quiet and peaceful corridors, the gorgeous private rooms in the Orthopedic Wing and the overall feeling that the patient is the number one priority at AdventHealth Carrollwood.

Established in 1961, the hospital continues to grow through renovations, keeping a team of eight maintenance technicians busy. Each successive renovation generates more documentation, including as-builts. Additional renovations, according to project coordinator Dennis Waidler, are being launched to benefit all hospital patients.

Given its 60+ year history, having comprehensive building plan documentation is vital for facility managers to efficiently carry out maintenance, as well as various operational activities, once the construction phase is over.

Paper-based Information Bottlenecks

Like many organizations, documentation in paper form was piling up in plan rooms, so access to information was slow.

“We didn’t know how to find the exact drawing we were looking for,” explained John Michaels, the Director for Plant Operations.

“It was nearly impossible to locate drawings requested for construction projects or something equipment related because they were piled in back rooms and cabinets – all over the place. It was a real challenge because the information wasn’t labeled correctly. So our customer service was impacted as well as our equipment maintenance.”

Instant Mobile Access to Comprehensive Facility Information

With the mobile-first platform from ARC Facilities, hospital facilities team members can now access everything from as-builts to inspection forms from their mobile devices.

“I’ll take my tablet into the field, discover the as-built drawings and it helps very quickly and efficiently anything that I’m looking for,” said Samuel Simpson, hospital electrician. “We appreciate the ability to share this information out via email.”

Hospital electricians focus on preventative and maintenance measures to maintain equipment and wiring and diagnose problems when malfunctions happen. They repair equipment, check breakers and switches for issues, and ensure generators are operating properly, both for convenience and patient and worker safety.

“Now, we have the hands-on capability to locate information our team needs in the field,” said John. “I don’t have to look for a paper drawing somewhere. The mobility is critical to quickly locate building components.”

The ARC Facilities Customer Success Team worked closely with John’s team to help make on-the-go access to comprehensive equipment and building information a reality.

The adoption of a mobile-first platform from ARC Facilities revolutionized operations. With instant mobile access to comprehensive facility information, technicians like Samuel Simpson found increased efficiency in fieldwork, enhancing equipment maintenance and problem diagnosis. The shift from cumbersome paper-based systems to mobile accessibility significantly streamlined operations, demonstrating the critical role of digital management in improving hospital efficiency and patient care.

A Customer Story: AdventHealth Carrollwood

AdventHealth Carrollwood, a 119-bed hospital in Tampa, faced challenges with managing paper-based documentation. Critical building and equipment information were difficult to locate, impacting maintenance and patient care. ARC Facilities provided a mobile-first platform, digitizing and organizing documents. Now, technicians can quickly access as-builts and inspection forms via mobile devices, improving efficiency and response times. This digital transformation has streamlined operations, allowing the team to focus on maintaining equipment and enhancing patient care.


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