Create Instant Access to Building Information for Facility Management Teams in the Field, While Eliminating Productivity Bottlenecks Caused by Data Trapped in Storage Rooms and File Servers

There are over 130,000 state and local government buildings across the United States. Managing these buildings is a significant challenge for government facility management teams. They all face one single challenge –doing more with less. As state and local government buildings continue to age, the maintenance requirements grow, while facilities staff and resources continue to diminish. Smart building technology like ARC Facilities will help reduce bottlenecks and increase efficiency for facility management teams to do more with less.

Aging State and Local Facilities Without Regular Maintenance Can Compromise Safety and Security of Occupants

Aging facilities, which lack regular maintenance over long periods of time, can become traps for the employees and visitors of those buildings. Most of these facilities also do not have building information organized and streamlined. Therefore, accessing building information in emergencies or even for routine maintenance becomes a challenge. Something as simple as a burst water main or a leaky gas pipe cannot be contained immediately in the absence of building information. Smart building technology can provide instant access to building information through a simple app from anywhere anytime.

Improve Asset Maintenance with Quick Access to O&M Information from the Field

Aging buildings also means aging assets in facilities. Air conditioners, heaters, boilers, elevators, escalators, etc. all require routine maintenance as they age. Field technicians in these buildings need instant access to O&M information on a regular basis from the field to address maintenance issues. When technicians must go back-and-forth between document storage rooms and field assets, it significantly reduces the work orders they complete daily. ARC Facilities smart building technology can solve this problem by providing instant access to O&M information from the field.

Lack of Instant Access to Building Information Can Also Turn Simple Incidents into Life-Threatening Emergencies During Natural Disasters

Simple emergencies such as a leaky gas pipe or a faulty electrical panel can become a major hazard during natural disasters or in a crisis such as an active shooter on site. It’s not uncommon for facilities teams to be scrambling around looking for building information when first responders arrive. Having building information readily available for security personnel and first responders not only helps emergency and life safety personnel but can save lives. ARC Facilities smart building technology enables access to building information instantly from anywhere any time. More importantly, the information can easily be shared with others via mobile devices within seconds.

Software for Local Government Facilities Teams Should Incorporate Smart Building Technology to Protect and Preserve Historical Information from Being Lost When Employees Leave

When tenured employees retire or leave, historical information in facilities will be lost forever. This is a major problem in state and local government facilities since most of these facilities are aging and have gone through a significant amount of changes in terms of renovations and retrofits. Therefore, loss of such historical data could hamper the ability of facilities teams to contain the situation in emergencies.

Timely Incorporation of Closeouts and As-Builts is Critical to Maintain the Integrity of Building Information in Facilities

As facilities age, building information keeps accumulating. Renovations, retrofits, code upgrades and more, must be done over the years. After every project, there will be additional building information submitted to facilities managers and it will need to be incorporated into the main facility drawings. Unfortunately, as-builts and closeouts are often placed in boxes and stored in document storage rooms. This makes things very difficult and inefficient for facilities teams not only during emergencies, but also routine maintenance.

Government Facilities Will Ultimately Require Instant Access to Building Information, Not Only to Boost Productivity in Facility Management, But Also to Protect Employees and Occupants

Access to critical building information in state and local government buildings is likely to become mandatory in the future. Building information will continue to accumulate over the years, and access to such information becomes even more difficult in terms of regular maintenance or in emergencies. ARC Facilities smart building technology will help facilities management teams not only access the data, but will also help them manage critical information over the years. This will enable state and local government facilities teams to always have accurate and reliable building information readily available.

Powerful Features of Facility Management Software for Government

Seamless preventive maintenance solutions for aging government faciliti
Preventive Maintenance

Share real-time data on equipment with contractors on the move and access asset maintenance logs to facilitate planned preventive maintenance.

Mobile first solution for accessing critical building information for government facilities
Mobile First Solutions

Our robust government facility management software gives you instant access to government and federal facility data anywhere.

Control the impact of damage in government facilities with quick access to safety data sheets
Emergency Mitigation

Access emergency plans and equipment, safety logs, training manuals, evacuation routes, refuge rooms, etc. to limit the damage caused during government building emergencies.

Access shut-offs and equipment maps on the go
Government Equipment Maps and Shut-offs

By finding shut-off locations quickly, you can stop plumbing failure or water leaks in government facilities on the go.

Easy to scan QR code scanners available in mobile facilities solutions
QR Code Scanners Available

By scanning QR codes, you can access government maintenance and operations documentation for every piece of equipment; so that you can supervise, maintain, and repair it whenever necessary.

Access building renovation data on the move
Renovation Data Access on the Go

Maintain the efficiency of your construction teams and contractors by accessing renovation or retrofit government project data quickly.

Quick data sharing ability with technicians, first responders and facilities teams
Instant Data Sharing

Share government facility data anytime, anywhere with contractors, first-emergency responders, field workers, occupants seamlessly through our government maintenance management software.

Improve the Performance of Government Buildings with our Facility Management Software

ARC Facilities government facility management software enables instant access to critical building information. Access facility data quickly and share it instantly with all stakeholders.

Smart Tool That Compliments Existing Software

If you are using a CMMS or BAM (Building Automation Management) to manage a government building, our facility management software is a great choice to fill the gaps for instant access to critical information for on-the-go facilities teams.

Real-Time Information

Government facilities have countless document storage rooms and accessing building data is time-consuming. This delays project work or pending operations, which creates facility management roadblocks. Overcome Avoid this challenge by gaining access to real-time information via mobile devices with our facility management mobile solutions.

Intuitive and Agile

You can access all your government facility information anywhere, anytime with our mobile-friendly document management software. With just a few taps on your mobile device, you’ll have the facility information you need.

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