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Carson City School District

About Carson City School District

The Carson City School District, the sole public school district of the city, based in Nevada, operates ten schools including six elementary schools, two middle schools, one comprehensive high school and one alternative/online high school. The district facilities also include the district offices, building maintenance facility, operations, and transportation yard. 

Prioritizing Safety Through Smart Building Technology

To proactively prepare for emergencies, the school district began looking into technology that would provide instant access to emergency data using smart building technology with just a few clicks from a mobile device. With school safety a top concern, the district sought grant funding from the federal government to implement the mobile first technology platform from ARC Facilities.

Immediate Benefits: Access to Critical Emergency Data

The immediate benefit of implementing the platform was the ability for staff and first responders like the police and the fire department to gain easy access to the school building plans showing locations of fire extinguishers, AEDs, emergency contacts, emergency plans and shutoffs.

Empowering Staff & First Responders

Using ARC Facilities on-campus provides facility technicians with accurate construction documentation, access to emergency info and mapped emergency equipment locations.

“We saw ARC Facilities as a good step forward for enhancing emergency responsiveness,” said Ann L. Cyr, Risk Manager, Carson City School District. Critical emergency information is rapidly available to multiple parties, accelerating emergency responsiveness.

The solution is also used by school principals, custodians, building operations and maintenance departments.

Preserving Institutional Knowledge and Facilitating Onboarding

Like many school districts across the country, retiring workers are walking away with decades of facility knowledge, but with the ARC Facilities solution in hand this data has been captured and can be easily updated on-the-go, improving knowledge transfer and helping new team members like the Director of Operations get up to speed on all the schools.

Continuous Support and Satisfaction

The ARC Facilities customer success team took care of all the implementation details, ensuring a smooth transition to Ann and her team.

“It’s been a pleasure working with ARC Facilities. Every request is taken care of right away,” said Ann.

To learn more about how ARC Facilities can make facility information access easier for your team request a demo today.