Customers Expect Banks to be 100% Operational During Business Hours. Disruptions Can be Detrimental for Business.

Imagine not being able to fix a broken water main or a leaky gas pipe and having to force an evacuation in a bank building. This could have a serious impact on the business and customer relations. Having instant access to building information at your fingertips can prevent such occurrences. Smart building technology for the built space, unlike on-premise facility management software, allows you to access building information of kind within seconds from anywhere from a mobile device, empowering facilities technicians to address emergency repairs immediately.

Data Centers in Banking and Financial Institutions Are Crucial to Keeping the Business Running

Facilities management services in banking and financial institutions should have smart building technology incorporated in their facility management software suite to ensure instant access to building information during emergencies. Having access to critical building information, such as electrical panels or shutoff valves is vital in emergencies. ARC Facilities, smart building technology, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning will allow facilities technicians to access critical building information within seconds from mobile devices.

Building Information Integrity Must Be Maintained by Facilities Such as Banks and Credit Unions, Which Regularly Undergo Renovations and Retrofits to Stay up-to-Date

Updating and then modernizing facilities is a very critical element in some consumer related businesses. However, incorporating all the building information related to those changes to the main body of building information is critical whether it is for routine maintenance or in case of an emergency. The Facility Management app from ARC Facilities will allow customers to incorporate renovations and retrofit information in a timely manner without burdening facilities teams.

Instant Access to Building Information is Essential Not Only for Building Maintenance, But for the Safety and Security of Employees and Customers

Emergency and life safety issues can arise anywhere, anytime. In those instances, it’s critical that facilities teams can access building information within seconds. As first responders arrive at the location, their initial request would be to gain access to building plans and other information related to emergency and life safety. Having the ability to provide them with that information within second could help save lives.

Historical Information in Every Building is Critical and Should be Preserved for Ongoing Maintenance and Upkeep of the Facility

Facilities technicians and engineers are some of the most tenured employees across every industry. When employees leave, their building knowledge leaves, too, impacting maintenance and emergency responsiveness. Unfortunately, when you lose tenured employees, you also lose valuable historical information. Smart building technology, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning can solve this problem. It helps you preserve historical data and protect that information from being lost.

Onboarding New Employees in Facilities is Time Consuming and Expensive, but it Doesn’t Have to be

Early retirements in the post pandemic era have had a devastating impact on facilities teams across the country. Onboarding new employees and getting them up to speed on critical building information is a challenge that consumes a lot of time and money. Our Facility management app can change that. Powered by AI and machine learning, ARC Facilities smart building technology will allow you to access complex building information from the cloud within seconds using a simple mobile app, which is easy to learn and use. This will enable facilities managers to onboard new employees, easily and efficiently.

Design and Engineering Teams Constantly Need to Access Current Building Information in Order to Perform Renovations and Retrofits in Facilities

If renovations and retrofits are a critical part of operating facilities in financial and banking institutions, it means design and engineering teams need to access current building information on a regular basis. Organizing and streamlining current building information and storing it in a single location for easy access can significantly reduce the burden of searching for and providing this information to design development teams. ARC Facilities, smart building technology will allow you to just do that.

Explore Useful Features of our Facility Management Software

Aid preventive maintenance procedures with ARC Facilities
Preventive Maintenance

Access asset maintenance logs to facilitate scheduled preventive maintenance, address asset breakdowns and share real-time data with service providers on the go.

Counter every emergency in a financial facility
Counter Financial Facility Emergencies

Our Facility Management Software lets you access emergency plans and contacts, safety logs, floor plans, life safety manuals, evacuation routes, refuge rooms, equipment, and other features during sudden banking emergencies directly from your mobile device.

24/7 and 356 days access to building information
Mobile Access at All Times

Our intuitive facility management app offers you instant mobile access to equipment information and building data anywhere, anytime.

Quickly locate equipment tags and shut-offs with a few taps
Shut off and Equipment Tags

By finding shut-off locations quickly, you can stop plumbing failures or water leaks in financial facilities immediately. Locate building equipment using our data mapping software that uses sophisticated tools like OCR.

Countless Financial Sectors Use our Facility Management Software

Our software for financial institutions was designed with the ease of use in mind. Data which was initially trapped in web-based software or plan rooms is now accessible directly to users from our facility management app that is powered by next generation technologies.

Complement Existing FM Software

Our facility management software is ideal if you're using building management software at your banking facility. The software integrates seamlessly with web-based facility management systems and fills the gaps in your existing tools by providing critical data, instantly.

Quick and Instinctive

Our mobile-friendly document management software lets you access information about financial facilities anywhere, anytime. With a few swipes on your mobile device or tablet, you can access data about your facility.

Real-Time Data

Data in finance and banking sectors is stored in a vast number of repositories, which can take a long time to access. This creates facility management roadblocks by delaying project work or pending operations. With our facility management mobile solutions for banks, you can get on-the-go facility management information at your fingertips.

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ARC Facilities is a Favorite Among Facility Leaders in the Financial Industry

ARC Facilities designed its building maintenance management software with the needs of facilities teams in mind. Using our modules does not require specialized technical know-how and is often used by on-the-go technicians.

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