City of Wilsonville

Mobile access to information enables facilities team to resolve maintenance and emergency situations quickly.

Mobile App Improves Productivity

Facility team sees productivity gains from instant access to plans, as-builts and maintenance records.

Budgeting for Growth

A multi-year strategy creates ongoing value for the team as new buildings are added over time.

Getting it Right

Paint colors, parts lists and renovation details. Finding the right information quickly saves time and money.

Reduced Search Time

45 minute paperwork searches have been reduced to a few clicks on a custom designed dashboard.

Access to Information

With mobile access to information, team members can quickly resolve issues without a time-consuming trip to the office.

  I’d strongly recommend that anyone having the same difficulties we were having – tracking down your documents, looking up your plans and cut sheets to take a good look at ARC Facilities.  

Matt Baker, Facilities Supervisor

City of Wilsonville, OR

Simple, easy-to-use design

Success Story

ARC has helped numerous municipalities turn document chaos into digital bliss. Read the full story of how the City of Wilsonville successfully made the switch.

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  We have deep experience helping facilities teams successfully navigate the digital transformation process. We do all the work and you enjoy the benefits. What’s your story?  

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