Mobile Innovation: A Smooth Sail through Compliance

This article was originally published on Healthcare Tech Outlook.

To thrive in today’s dynamic healthcare environment, medical institutions—ranging from big hospitals to small clinics—need to adhere to ever-growing compliance standards and codes established by the Federal government. Tracking environment of care and life safety standards and the associated documentation is a monumental task filled with risk.

Adding to that, the reliance on paper-based workflows for self-testing, self-reporting, and preparation for the government audits aggravates the overall complexity of managing years of documentation. “When the responsibility to handle facility and healthcare compliance is delegated to the facilities team in addition to their daily routines, it takes their workload to a completely new level,” says Carlo Agnello, Director, Central Region, ARC Technology Solutions, a unit of ARC Document Solutions. To alleviate the compliance pressure on the medical staff and ensure operational efficiencies, ARC offers a touch-based solution—ARC Compliance—that helps healthcare organizations manage every type of building and operations documentation to be audit-ready through mobility and efficiency.

Jake Young, National Director, Facility Solutions

Backed by years of experience in facilities documentation, ARC provides a customized healthcare facilities management solution that fits within the boundaries of healthcare environments. One of the four mobile dashboards ARC offers is the ARC Compliance, specifically tailored for healthcare organizations. “While onboarding a client, ARC Compliance ingests an organization’s compliance documents and structures them in a way that can be easily deciphered,” explains Jake Young, National Director, Facility Solutions, ARC. The company’s platform acts as the central repository for the healthcare organization’s content, which provides safeguard for future audit purposes.

Designed to make healthcare facilities compliance easier, the healthcare compliance solution transforms the client’s unstructured data into a format that is searchable, collaborative, and easy-to-use. This allows the client’s organization to extract the exact information from historical data required by auditors. Each ARC platform displays different types of information about the premises including as-builts, equipment maps and locations, emergency plans and protocols, shut-off valves, and compliance documentation. In addition to their expertise in compliance management, ARC also helps clients in following industry best practices for success in passing their next audit.

Agnello explains how a significant portion of the revenue of a hospital comes from (Medicare and Medicaid) reimbursement payments from the Federal government. For these medical institutions, ARC ensures a structured environment wherein all the audit reports that are generated can be easily accessed and shared. Each mobile dashboard operates via a cloud app that runs on iOS and Android and provides easy access to the organizational information from a client’s device, both online and offline. In a nutshell, the company empowers clients with access to critical information anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

ARC has established an international presence with 190 locations worldwide. The company’s solution is also utilized by other compliance-centered industries such as manufacturing as it can be modified for any kind of scenario that requires compliance adherence. To stay abreast of the latest trends, ARC’s R&D team is on a constant search for identifying the new problems faced by clients and solves those complications through system updates. “When facilities teams partner with ARC, their use of a modern facilities technology platform and access to our expert domain knowledge raises the level of compliance they can achieve at their facility,” concludes Young.

Headquarters: San Ramon, CA
Management: Carlo Agnello, Director, Central Region
Jake Young, National Director – Facility Solutions
Description: ARC Compliance provides instant access to critical facilities information needed by healthcare organizations–anytime, anywhere, from any device.
Quote: “When facilities teams partner with ARC, their use of a modern facilities technology platform and access to our expert domain knowledge raises the level of compliance they can achieve at their facility”

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