Independence Day Safety, Security, and Facility Management Tips

Independence Day Safety, Security, and Facility Management Tips

Independence Day Safety, Security, and Facility Management Tips

As Independence Day approaches, facilities managers have a crucial role in ensuring that celebrations are safe, organized, and enjoyable for everyone.

Here are the top seven things to focus on:

Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are a central part of July 4th celebrations, but there are dangers, particularly in hot, dry areas at risk for wildfires. Some areas are opting for drone displays. Make sure designated areas for fireworks are secure and comply with local regulations. Have fire extinguishers and water sources readily available.

“Hoses need to be stretched out to your location, water on, nozzles ready. Seconds count,” added Brent Ward, Left Coast Consulting.

Utilizing mobile devices to map out fire extinguisher locations can be invaluable in an emergency.

Crowd Management

The holiday often brings increased foot and vehicular traffic. Prepare by setting up clear signage for evacuation routes and consider the importance of additional staff to manage crowds effectively. Clear pathways and controlled access points can prevent accidents and ensure smooth movement of people, cars and trucks.

Emergency Preparedness

Review and communicate emergency evacuation routes and procedures with all staff. Have first aid kits and medical personnel on standby. Regular emergency preparedness drills throughout the year can make a significant difference. Make sure everyone knows their role in case of an emergency.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Expect a surge in trash during the celebrations. Work with custodial staff to ensure restrooms and public areas are clean and well-stocked to maintain a pleasant environment for attendees.

Security Measures

Safety is paramount. Coordinate with local law enforcement for additional security presence. Install temporary surveillance cameras and have security personnel monitor key areas. Encourage everyone to be vigilant and use all five senses to detect if something seems wrong or out of place. Developing strong relationships and communications with first responders including police, fire departments and EMTs is especially critical during major public holidays and celebrations. Check out this video from Pomona College, who explained the importance of knowing where everything is at during an emergency.

Rural Locations

“For rural locations, you want to ensure that buildings and suites are locked.  Given fire safety concerns with fireworks, you want to increase patrols or, at a minimum, continue them - so not everyone gets a holiday. Make sure restrooms are fully stocked before the holiday and that your access control systems have also been updated. This may require sending an email/alert out to tenants requesting information,” said Maria O’Callaghan-Cassidy, Campus Operations, University of Richmond.

Take Care of Your Team

“One thing we always focus on during holidays, especially in summer, is to stay hydrated and to keep our teams hydrated. At any moment we can be outside for unexpected, prolonged periods of time,” said Melissa Natalizia, Construction Project Management Consultant, Banner Health.

By staying vigilant in these areas, facilities managers can ensure a safe and enjoyable July 4th celebration. Proper preparation and attention to detail can make all the difference in hosting a successful event.

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