Building Closeouts

ARC Closeouts

Instant access to project closeouts

Easily convert closeout packages Into organized digital documents with instant access to reports, As-builts, O&Ms, Warranties, Permits, RFIs and more.

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of closeout information is still delivered in hard copy

We create the digital Closeouts

Simply send your closeout package to one of our local service centers and we do everything else. We convert all the documents, binders, and CDs into instantly accessible information - right from your phone or tablet.

Find Information Fast

With powerful OCR, hyperlinking and search capabilities built-in, technicians can quickly and easily locate anything they need in seconds. Eliminate wasted time sorting through boxes, binders or scanning CDs. Gain instant access to closeout information at anytime, from anywhere.

Upgrade Your Closeout

When you're ready, seamlessly migrate your closeout package in to ARC Buildings for additional functionality and features.