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36:16 min

Adapting to Change: Navigating the Dynamics of a Hybrid Workforce and Unlocking the Vital Role of Facilities Teams

Leni Rivera, Owner of WorkplaceXperience, takes Facility Voices listeners on a compelling journey from her beginnings as an actor with a degree from NYU to her current role as a workplace experience advocate. With a background in the performing arts, Leni developed a deep understanding of human behavior, a skill she seamlessly transitioned into creating environments that support people. Her career has taken took her around the globe, from managing interior design companies in the UAE to overseeing real estate development in Dubai and managing workplace experience for a pharmaceutical giant in the Philippines.

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JUNE 17, 2024

36:52 min

Balancing Patient Safety and Cost Efficiency: Harnessing Code Compliance for Quality Care and Savings

In today's episode, David sits down with Josh Bracket, the System Regulatory Director of Facilities Services at Banner Health.

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JUNE 07, 2024

30:28 min

Maximizing Maintenance Efficiency: A Deep Dive into In-House vs. Outsourced Strategies

In today's episode, David is joined by Mike Smith, Senior Facilities Maintenance Manager at Saddle Creek Logistics Services.

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JUNE 03, 2024

34:39 min

Empowering Education: Harnessing Grants for Sustainable Transformation in Long-Term Facilities Development

In this episode of Facility Voices, David sits down with Dr. Louis Fletcher, Executive Director for Facilities and Operations at School District 49 in Colorado Springs. Dr. Fletcher, with his extensive background in the Air Force and higher education, provides invaluable insights into the multifaceted role of facilities management in education.

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MAY 24, 2024

29:20 min

Optimizing Quality of Life: The Impact of Facilities Management

This week David is joined by Melissa Petracca, Facilities Manager, and Jim Campoli, Senior Director of Operations and Services at Matheny Medical and Education Center. Melissa and Jim share their unique journeys into facilities management, detailing the complexities and challenges they face at Matheny, a 101-bed specialty hospital and special needs school in New Jersey.

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MAY 17, 2024

27:14 min

Empowering Excellence: Self-Assessment Tools for Building and Sustaining Successful Facilities Teams

In this episode of Facility Voices we hear from Jeremiah Johnson, COO at Muskego-Norway School District, as he shares his career path from custodian to district leader, offering insights into workforce retention strategies and innovative initiatives.

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MAY 10, 2024

34:22 min

Registered Apprenticeships: Bridging the Gap in Skilled Trades

Steve Lindas, an Apprenticeship Training Representative for the Florida Department of Education talks about his career – from apprenticing in faux painting to shaping apprenticeship programs for the state in this week’s Facility Voices podcast.

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MAY 03, 2024

33:11 min

Strategies for Assessing and Managing Risk in Asset Replacement and Investment

Scott Mason, Executive Director of Business Development at DNV Healthcare, takes Facility Voices listeners on a compelling journey from his beginnings as an electronics technician in the Navy to his pivotal role in strategic asset management and accreditation within healthcare facilities. Scott shares his wealth of expertise, offering a unique perspective on the intricate task of assessing and managing risk in healthcare facility management.

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APRIL 26, 2024

29:02 min

Does Water Quality Matter? A Look at Water Quality in FM

In this episode of Facility Voices we hear from industry leader Shane Sullivan, VP of Sales at Nephros, as he shares the critical importance of water quality management in healthcare and beyond.

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APRIL 18, 2024

36:32 min

Optimizing Your Facilities: Navigating Change, Team Dynamics, and Technology Integration for Long-Term Success

In this episode of Facility Voices, Andy Gager, CEO of AMG International Consulting, shares insights from his extensive background, spanning from manufacturing to consulting, and offers a unique perspective on the intersection of operations, maintenance, and facilities management.

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APRIL 12, 2024

31:54 min

Navigating Technology Shifts Starts with Identifying Needs

In this episode of Facility Voices, Andrew Akard, Vice President of Facilities at Tinker Federal Credit Union, talks about technology in facilities management and shares some of the innovative approaches employed at Tinker.

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APRIL 05, 2024

32:16 min

Selling to Leadership: Building Your Business Case

In this episode of Facility Voices, Michael Wood, Senior Director of Facility Support Services at Parkland Health, shares his extensive expertise garnered over three decades in the industry.

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MARCH 29, 2024

33:20 min

Training in FM: An Investment in your Team

In this episode of Facility Voices, Raymond Perrier, Training and Business Development at Prime Power Services, joins David to discuss the power of cross-training within organizations. Raymond, a seasoned expert in facility operations, shares firsthand experiences of implementing cross-training initiatives, highlighting how he bridges the gap between departments and cultivates a culture of collaboration. From technicians gaining insight into sales processes to employees pursuing external training opportunities, Raymond talks about how investing in continuous learning enhance employee skills and organizational efficiency.

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MARCH 25, 2024

34:24 min

Empowering the Future: Pathways for Success in Facilities Management for the Next Generation

In this episode Carolyn McGary, National Director of FM Pipeline, and Jim Zirbel, Chairman at FM Pipeline, discuss the role of development programs in the facility management industry. Carolyn shares her passion for mentoring the next generation, and Jim brings his entrepreneurial spirit to the conversation, discussing his work in the built environment technology space.

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MARCH 19, 2024

37:55 min

Facilities Training – A Forward Approach to Building a Successful Team

In this episode of Facility Voices Lindsey Brackett, Chief Empowerment Officer at Legacy FM, shares her inspiring journey and expert advice on training a facilities team.

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MARCH 08, 2024

31:43 min

The three “E’s” of Human Connection & Facilities Management

In this episode of Facility Voices Lisa Trayter, Director of Facilities and Transportation at Yough School District, communicates her wealth of knowledge accumulated over years of experience managing facilities and transportation. Discover how Lisa climbed the ladder from an administrative assistant to her current role overseeing five school buildings.

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MARCH 04, 2024

29:10 min

Working Efficiently Starts with Breaking Free from the Comfort Zone

oin Shalita Myrick, Principal Facilities Project Manager at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, in this episode of Facility Voices as we traverse unconventional facility career paths, what it’s like working in healthcare facilities, and the power of mentorship.

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FEBRUARY 26, 2024

33:41 min

A Positive Approach: Nurturing Your Team to get 100%

Santiago Chambers brings over 30 years of seasoned expertise from his naval service to his current role as Director of Plant Operations at Los Alamitos Medical Center. In this installment of Facility Voices, he reflects on his extensive experience spanning both healthcare facilities and the United States Navy.

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FEBRUARY 16, 2024

31:20 min

Integrating Technology with Nature – Healthy Trees and Grounds

In this episode of Facility Voices, Andrew Sileo, Davidson's town Arborist, shares his journey in the dynamic world of urban forestry. Andrew's passion for trees began in high school with the FFA program, leading him to become a certified arborist with over 6 years of experience.

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FEBRUARY 09, 2024

25: 43 min

Building Success: Navigating the Pathways to Excellence in Public School Facilities Management

In this episode of Facility Voices, David welcomes Diana Ferrer-Schwartz, Chief Administrative Officer at the New York City Department of Education Division of School Facilities.

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FEBRUARY 02, 2024

24:45 min

Developing a Security Plan – Tools and Resources

In this engaging episode of Facility Voices, David is joined by Kristian Gonzales, Sales Manager for Zona FACTA. With a Navy background and specialized expertise in security operations, Kristian offers invaluable insights into developing security plans for Facilities Managers.

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JANUARY 29, 2024

32:18 min

Giving Back – Educating the Next Generation of FM Professionals

Richard Gunpat, Mechanical Engineer at the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago joins Facility Voices host, David Trask, for an inspiring discussion of sustainability in Facilities Management.

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JANUARY 19, 2024

33:19 min

Making the Switch: Changing to New Facility Technologies

This week’s guest, Josh Ashlock, Director of Building Systems at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center shares his experience with the challenges and triumphs within healthcare facilities.

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JANUARY 16, 2024

36:21 min

Managing Up Empowers a Modern Facilities Team

Facility Voices podcast host, David Trask, is joined by Tia Freiburger, the Senior Manager of Facilities and Operations, Corporate Real Estate at Under Armour.

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JANUARY 09, 2024

27:02 min

How Technology Is Revolutionizing Training for Facilities Maintenance Professionals

Explore the world of facilities management on Facility Voices. This week’s episode spotlights the technological revolution in training for professionals. Join guest speaker Dan Clapper, Market Director at Interplay Learning, as he shares his insights into their innovative approach.

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DECEMBER 31, 2023

30:45 min

Revitalizing Historical Sites: Creating a Modern Community Site

In this week’s episode of Facility Voices, Cale Burch, the Director of Engineering at Holladay Properties, sits down with David Trask to share his fascinating career journey. Starting with Cale’s 28-year career in the army, where he coordinated logistics for 22 fire bases, to his transition into civilian life and facilities management, to the exciting transformation of the Factory at Franklin into a vibrant destination. He explores how his military experience equipped him to manage everything from power generation to logistics, setting the stage for a successful career in the civilian world.

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DECEMBER 19, 2023

27:39 min

A Servant Leadership Approach to Managing Facilities

Welcome to this week's episode of Facility Voices, with guest Peter Palacios, Director of Information Services at the University of North Texas.

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DECEMBER 11, 2023

28:31 min

Preparing for the Future Today: Strategies to Enhance Planning & Operations

Welcome to this week’s episode of Facility Voices: Preparing for the Future Today, Strategies to Enhance Planning & Operations. In this episode Chance Sullivan, Assistant Director of Facilities and Services at the University of Rochester, shares his advice and recommendations on streamlining operations planning. Chance details how his first job working at a golf course inspired him to pursue a career in Facilities, leading him to his current role overseeing asset management, safety compliance, and workforce development.

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DECEMBER 03, 2023

32:25 min

Building an Optimized Deferred Maintenance Program

In this episode of Facility Voices David Auton, VP of Service Excellence, Engineering, and Maintenance at C&W Services, joins host David Trask for a discussion on how to optimize deferred maintenance programs. Auton provides valuable insights into his role, underscoring the significance of introducing new solutions, fostering innovation, and driving quality improvements in facility maintenance.

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NOVEMBER 27, 2023

31:07 min

Building an Employee Retention Program

In this week’s episode of Facility Voices, Bert Gumeringer, Senior VP of Facility Operations at Texas Children’s Hospital, sits down with the host of Facility Voices, David Trask, to share his insights into Texas Children's unique challenges, and the innovative employee retention program that's making waves. From personalized welcome letters to one-on-one sessions with executives, this program goes beyond the norm, fostering a strong connection between leadership and staff.

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NOVEMBER 17, 2023

29: 59 min

Paying it Forward - Digital Transformation of an 85 Year Old Campus

Check out the latest episode of the Facility Voices Podcast, where David sits down with Byron Woods, the Dean of Facilities at the College of the Sequoias.

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NOVEMBER 13, 2023

31: 12 min

3 Keys to Building a Successful Team – Communication, Communication & Communication

In this episode of Facility Voices, David Trask sits down with Michael Terrell, Senior Operations Director of Facilities Management at Liberty University, to discuss Michael’s journey from nuclear power to university facilities management, and the unique challenges he's faced in his role.

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NOVEMBER 03, 2023

33:43 min

Skilled Trades: Erasing the Stigma of "its just a job and not a career"

In this episode of Facility Voices David Trask is joined by Doug Winston, President, and CEO of DNM Electrical Contracting and Skilled-Trades Advocate with Bring Back the Trades Inc, as he shares his journey in the electrical industry and the various successful entities under his wing. From utility construction to equipment repair, Doug's businesses span a wide spectrum, even including a motorsports venture.

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OCTOBER 25, 2023

35:56 min

Developing a Facilities Career Growth Program in Higher Education

In this episode of Facility Voices, David Trask hosts guests Kimberly Thomas, Special Projects Advisor to AVP, and Cale Caudell, Director of Operations and Maintenance from the University of Georgia (UGA). Together, they shed light on the challenges faced by UGA's Facilities Management Division in the wake of evolving workplace culture and workforce transition.

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OCTOBER 20, 2023

27: 06 min

Navigating Electrical Safety: An In-Depth Look at NFPA 70

In this episode of Facility Voices, David Trask is joined by Marshall MacFarlane, IFMA Fellow and Facility Services Manager at C3 Engineering whose impressive journey from a Millwright to a Facilities Manager provides perspective on the world of facility management and electrical safety.

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OCTOBER 11, 2023

37:19 min

Navigating the Unique Challenges of a Private Quaker School Campus

In this episode of Facility Voices, we take a trip into the world of facilities management at George School, a private Quaker school with a rich history, unique culture, and sprawling campus. David and Robert H. Kleimenhagen, Jr., CFM, SFP, ProFM, the Director of Physical Plant at George School, discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with overseeing this exceptional campus.

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OCTOBER 06, 2023

31:05 min

Building an Infrastructure Program – Take it One Bite at a Time

Tune in for our latest episode of Facility Voices, “Building an Infrastructure Program – Take it One Bite at a Time”, featuring Jonathan Hunley, Systems Director of Infrastructure at Bon Secours Mercy Health.

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

33:40 min

Successful Facilities Leadership Starts with a Coach

Tune in for the latest episode of Facility Voices where David Trask sits down with Ramon Owens, Facilities Director at the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation. Ramon shares his vast experience in leading and optimizing operations, as well as the multitude of strategies he uses daily to navigate the unique world of childcare facilities. As a seasoned professional, Ramon believes that successful facility leadership goes beyond just managing the physical aspects of a space; it requires a coaching approach to bring out the best in the team and foster a culture of growth.

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2023

32:18 min

Adapting Physical Spaces and Personal Skills to Best Serve Healthcare Communities

Welcome to this week's episode of Facility Voices, where we delve into "Adapting Physical Spaces and Personal Skills to Best Serve Healthcare Communities.” Our special guest, Jonathan Westall FACHE, brings a wealth of expertise to the discussion as the Vice President of Ancillary Services at MLK Community Healthcare.

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2023

32:57 min

$700 and a Dream – Cesar Robles’ Journey to Healthcare Facilities Director

Welcome to our inspiring podcast episode: "$700 and a Dream: Cesar Robles' Journey to Healthcare Facility Director." In this episode, we have the privilege of sharing the remarkable story of Cesar Robles, who, armed with determination and a mere $700, embarked on a journey that led him to become a Healthcare Facility Director.

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2023

28:34 min

Blazing Trails for a New Generation in Facility Management

Tune in for our latest episode - Blazing Trails for a New Generation in Facility Management, featuring Taylor Vaughn and her incredible journey.

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AUGUST 25, 2023

33:15 min

Balancing Life Safety & Guest Experience—Inside Stadium Tips

Welcome to our exciting podcast episode, "Balancing Life Safety & Guest Experience—Inside Stadium Tips." We had the pleasure of speaking with Fletcher Coffman, the Senior Director of Operations with The Washington Commanders.

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JULY 31, 2023

30:50 min

Assessing Facility Conditions and Reducing Carbon Emissions

Welcome to our latest podcast episode featuring Andy Woommavovah, System Director of Facility Management, Construction, Energy, and Infrastructure at Trinity Health. In this episode, we delve into two crucial topics: Facility Condition Assessments and Decarbonization.

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JULY 26, 2023

29:02 min

Proactive Workplace Awareness - Keys to Ensuring Safety

Welcome to our latest episode titled "Proactive Workplace Awareness: Keys to Ensuring Safety," with guest, Mark Reed, the Director of Campus Support Operations at City of Hope.

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JULY 21, 2023