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Orange County Florida

Based in Orlando, Florida, the Orange County Government oversees 400+ buildings, 5 maintenance districts, 5.5M square feet of building space and has an annual budget of $35M.

The Challenge

While the Orange County Government (OCG) had previously made the digital switch to electronic time-sheets and digital inventory control, moving away from paper-based approaches, the organization still faced obstacles. Locating a digital file was a labor-intensive task that could take several hours. It was just a challenge trying to figure out where to start searching.

The Solution

After seeing a demo at a conference, Rich Steiger knew that ARC Facilities was the right solution for his team to solve existing and evolving challenges. Once the decision was made, the ARC Professional Services team got to work converting files to a secure cloud-based system.

The Results

After the deployment of ARC Facilties, OCG saw many key benefits including:
    • Removed labor and time-intensive process of locating digital files
    • Increased mobile adoption among OCG team members.
    • Enabled higher levels of visibility and control
    • Improved passing-on of institutional knowledge of building systems and renovations
    • Reduced new employee onboarding time with an intuitive solution
Today, the OCG team is now empowered with a mobile solution that saves them time, money, and eliminates the previous labor-intensive process of locating and managing digital files. With the ARC Facilities Solution in place, a technician can now find any document with Just a few clicks — saving hours of searching and retrieval time.

Information at Your Fingertips

Simple but powerful mobile app enables team members to improve performance with quicker response and enhanced quality of service.


To learn more about how ARC Facilities can make facility information access easier for your team request a demo today.