New App: The Smartest Way to Manage Facilities

New App: The Smartest Way to Manage Facilities

Is your team using a facilities management app yet? We all love and use apps daily – from getting driving directions, to checking the news or weather, to watching a movie, etc. Why not use an app to manage facilities?

Instant access to information means working smarter and faster. That’s why we are so excited to announce the new ARC Facilities App.

The app features powerful search, clickable maps and QR code scanning to instantly find all your building and equipment information anytime, anywhere on any device – especially your phone.

Apps are big drivers in making facilities management more successful, and FM leaders are embracing a new, easier and powerful way of operating facilities. Rich Steiger, Manager of Facilities Management at Orange County Government said:

“Mobility is important because you need information at your fingertips. In an emergency, the last thing you want a technician doing is hunting for information. In critical situations it’s all about how fast you can respond and prevent damage.”

With the ARC Facilities App, your team could instantly access building and equipment information right on their phones, including:

Perks of Facility Management App

  • Shut-offs
  • As-Builts and Closeouts
  • Equipment information – O&Ms, training videos, maintenance reports, parts, etc.
  • Emergency response information

Visit to see how it works. The ARC Facilities App is currently available on the App Store and Google Play.

Take Control of Facility Operations with Instant Access to Building Information

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