A Profile of Beth Fasching
FM Advocate. Industry Connector.

Beth Fasching’s dad was a hotel manager in the Twin Cities, and he brought his daughter to work when she was growing up. He managed his properties best by walking around so Beth went along too, to the boiler room, the kitchen, the laundry room, up on the roof, and other places most people don’t see....

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  • ARC Facilities
  • 06 Nov 00:00
A Profile of Sarah Fopma
Elevating Patient Care Through Technology and Service

There aren’t thousands and thousands of women in hospital facilities management and there are probably fewer women in management positions in healthcare IT departments, but Sarah Fopma is a prime example of someone who loves technology, is great with people, and has a strong desire to grow and learn....

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 13 Oct 00:00
Cool Schools: Most Innovative School & University Buildings
By ARC Facilities

Innovative learning centers are springing up across the country bringing new ideas for design, sustainability, energy efficiency, and helping the next generation learn more about taking care of people and the planet....

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 06 Oct 00:00
Profile of Kayla Gottschalk
Experience Gatherer, Entrepreneur, Visionary

Kayla Gottschalk has built a solid foundation for a fantastic career in facilities management, starting with four years of drafting classes in high school, getting a BA in facility management from Ferris State University, and exploring inspiring spaces during stints with Haworth and Steelcase, manufacturers of furniture for offices, hospitals, and classrooms. Kayla is optimistic about the facility management industry....

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 29 Sep 00:00
A Profile of Shalita Myrick 
Creative Solutions for Revolutionizing Facilities

Shalita Myrick, a principal facilities project manager at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, stumbled into facilities management. After graduating from Spelman College as a political science major, she intended to pursue a career in law....

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 22 Sep 00:00
A Profile of Tia Freiburger
A Profile of Tia Freiburger
Taking Sports Facility Management to A New Tier

Tia Freiburger, the senior manager for facilities and operations for apparel manufacturer Under Armour, transitioned to corporate America following a 20-year career in collegiate sports and recreation facility management which included renovation of existing buildings and expansions....

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 07 Sep 00:00
Facilities Management Challenge in Higher Education
The Next Big FM Challenge in Higher Education

Colleges are facing a crisis that directly impacts student learning, safety, and continuity of operations as institutions are losing the staff who are responsible for maintaining equipment that keeps buildings up and running....

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 01 Sep 00:00
Facility Chat with Nico Viola
Holden Forests & Gardens: Facility Planning for Birds, Plants, Animals and People

Facility Chats is all about hearing from the front lines in facilities management. One topic that’s critical to the success of facilities management is budgets and planning. We talked to Nico Viola, the director of facilities for Holden Forests & Gardens (HFG) which consists of Holden Arboretum and the Cleveland Botanical Garden in the Greater Cleveland area in Northern Ohio....

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 30 Aug 00:00
ARC Facilities Revolutionizes Building Information Access, Freeing Technicians to Be More Productive on the Go

Facilities are filled with information – in people’s heads, on shared drives, on scraps of paper – making it hard to reach the hands of technicians in the field who need building info to make critical equipment, maintenance, and safety-related decisions....

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  • ARC Facilities
  • 28 Aug 00:00
A Profile of Reese Spindle
Excellence and innovation in Facilities, Financials, and Operations

Reese Spindle has had a lot of different roles throughout her career. One powerful thread ties her story together – the ability to drive process improvement, change management and expertly deal with anything finance related – no matter the industry....

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 21 Aug 00:00
Airport Facilities Management Teams for ADA Compliance
Empowering Airport Facilities Teams for ADA Compliance:
Mobile Apps and Innovative Solutions

In recognition of the 33rd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Disability Pride Month, White House officials discussed ways to help people using wheelchairs navigate through airports via the Airport Terminals program which also addresses the aging infrastructure of the nation’s airports....

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 17 Aug 00:00
Behind the scenes of stadium facility management software
Stadium Facilities Teams:
Behind-The-Scenes Heroes for Memorable Fan Experiences

While fans are waiting in line thinking about hot dogs vs. nachos, finding their seats, checking out the larger-than-life digital scoreboard and settling into the game, there are many moving pieces, parts, and people behind-the-scenes working in stadium facilities teams....

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  • ARC Facilities
  • 10 Aug 00:00
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