Proactive Emergency Preparedness Strategies for Facilities Teams
Navigating Emergency Scenarios:
Tips for Facilities Teams to Stay Proactive

With their up-close-and-personal knowledge of facilities, relationships with first responders and security team members, and daily interactions with the folks who live and work in our buildings, facility teams play an essential role in effective emergency preparedness....

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  • ARC Facilities
  • 20 Jul 00:00
The Significance of Accurate FCAs and Equipment Inventory Management
Maximizing Operational Performance with FCAs:
The Role of Precise FCAs and Equipment Inventory Management

Many organizations, including municipalities, schools, hospitals, and manufacturers are currently or planning to do a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA). These assessments are critical for preservation of physical infrastructures and prioritizing capital expenditures, maintenance, and repairs....

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  • ARC Facilities
  • 19 Jul 00:00
Top Four Facility Management Safety Tips
Top Four Safety Tips for 4th of July

Ensuring people’s safety is #1 on the list of all facilities managers, but special occasions like the 4thof July demand elevated safety consciousness with fireworks, outdoor events, and increased foot traffic....

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  • ARC Facilities
  • 29 Jun 00:00
Evaluating Historic Buildings through a Facility Management Lens
Looking at Historic Buildings
from a Facility Management Lens

There are dozens of vital and vibrant universities and hospitals built more than 100 years ago that are still operating today. Historical buildings have challenges associated with documenting existing equipment and shut-off locations....

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  • ARC Facilities
  • 28 Jun 00:00
A Profile of Amanda Stephens
Building a better platform for career development and furthering facility management knowledge

Amanda Stephens, the Administrative Director of Operations at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital in San Antonio, grew up in a small town in Oregon. At her high school, students were required to take shop classes, including auto shop, metal shop, woodworking, so that was Amanda’s initial experience with the trades....

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 14 Jun 00:00
Illuminating Insights: How Facility Management Software Enhances Facility Lighting
Illuminating Facts About Facility Lighting

Illuminating Facts About Facility Lighting...

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 31 May 00:00
A Profile of Nicole Sanderson
Developing an Image for Higher Education Facility Management

Some people fall in love with their college campuses and never leave. Nicole Sanderson has found her happy place at the University of Washington Bothell where she earned a BA in Multi-Disciplinary Studies and has held several positions following graduation including program director, fiscal specialist, maintenance & construction coordinator. ...

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 16 May 00:00
Facility Chats linkedin_832x300_rubinger_westall v2.png
Jonathan Westall Facility Chat
MLK Jr. Community Hospital: Fostering Innovation, Inspiration, and Accessibility

Jonathan Westall, Vice President of Ancillary Services at Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles, is busy adapting to changes within the hospital, meeting with other healthcare professionals at events and conferences across the country, keeping current with statewide healthcare regulations, thinking about what the future holds for healthcare...

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 15 May 00:00
Asset Tagging and Field Verification Becomes Easy with Smart Building Technology

Asset Tagging and Field Verification is an ever-present problem in facilities...

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  • Suri Suriyakumar
  • 17 Apr 00:00
Spring Tasks for Facility Professionals: Your Essential Checklist
Spring To-Do’s for Facility Professionals

Spring is a good season for facility managers. With weather improving, this is the time to get outside and ensure environments are safe and equipment is up to standard, guaranteeing a safe working environment for everyone in the organization, including schools which are continuing to ramp-up for kids coming back to in-person school....

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  • ARC Facilities
  • 10 Apr 00:00
Maximize Your Potential with FM Certifications

Adam Thodarson, the Director of Facilities Management for Bouldering Project LLC, a recreational bouldering facility with ten locations, spends his time working on capital budgets, hiring, and training facility managers, and designing the company’s entire facility management program....

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  • ARC Facilities
  • 14 Mar 00:00
A Profile of Eileen McMorrow
Chronicling the Evolution of the Facility Management Industry

The facility management evolution began in the 1980s when the office environment gained recognition for its impact on productivity, campuses evolved to meet student needs and computers, and patient-focused care changed hospitals....

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  • Jack Rubinger
  • 10 Mar 00:00
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