Equipment Inventory/Deferred Maintenance Reality Check

Equipment Inventory/Deferred Maintenance Reality Check

Depending on the size of the campus and number of staff, facility managers are responsible for property strategy, building maintenance, testing and inspections, managing vendors/contractors, environmental health & safety, security and managing renovations and facility maintenance planning.

Add another item to the facility management checklist – making sure your equipment inventory is accurate – or fall into the doom and gloom of deferred maintenance.

Gambling on deferred equipment maintenance is a losing proposition for facility teams – particularly in older buildings where a chiller unit may be on its last legs. The danger: deferred maintenance turns into “run to fail,” and that’s a nightmare no one wants.

Currently, a hot topic in facility circles, deferred maintenance is risky. How long will it take for a piece of equipment to fail could be anyone’s guess. Checking the O&M could help if it can be found.

The problem is that facilities are always changing with renovations and personnel changes.

Distances are a factor, too. Campuses may cover thousands of acres, include hundreds of buildings, and be spread out over miles and miles.

By the time it takes to create a physical map of key equipment, something’s likely to change, move or be forgotten.

We all know the problems associated with our memories, oh wait, I forgot what they were?

Bringing clarity to confusion is an upcoming webcast hosted by Facility Executive entitled Preventive and Deferred Maintenance Reality Check: How Accurate is Your Inventory -- scheduled for Thursday, August 25 at 1 pm EDT -- and led by David Trask, National Director, ARC Facilities.

Trask will provide food for thought about:

  • The importance of accurate mechanical and emergency equipment inventory
  • Increasing organizational agility
  • How your mobile device can be used to inventory your equipment and provide quick maintenance information
  • Leveraging technology for better control
  • Tips for catching up on preventative maintenance
  • How to plan for tomorrow by tracking equipment lifecycles

We thank Facility Executive for consistently delivering essential facility management topics to their readers.

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