Buildings Change, Historical Documents Accumulate How You Store Legacy Building Information Matters

Buildings Change, Historical Documents Accumulate
How You Store Legacy Building Information Matters

We create a lot of documents in the facilities industry. Storage and retrieval are always an issue. Do you try to  use physical space to accommodate growing needs? Do you scan some information? What's needed to perform daily tasks such as maintenance?

We've listened to the industry and it turns out that building information can be categorized two ways: day-to-day information needed for daily facility maintenance and information generated by a variety of sources that's important for construction and renovation, but isn't needed every day in the field.

By paying attention to facility management's information needs, we've created several modules designed specifically for technicians on-the-go, including Building Plans, Emergency Information, O&M Documentation, Construction Projects, and Healthcare Compliance. These modules were designed for use on mobile devices.

As buildings evolve and renovations are planned an completed, information and documents such as permits, renderings, sketches, contractor information, CAD files, procedure documents, and other project documents accumulate, and there's an important need to store these documents in an orderly fashion – accessible, searchable, and shareable.

Custom metadata attributes

To ensure that these documents have a safe and secure "home" alongside the other facility documents, we're introducing the Legacy Documents module. While these Legacy documents are historic in nature, they are part of the facility's history and can be incredibly important as you plan for the future.

Legacy Documents module

Key features include:

  • 24/7/365 access
  • Secure online storage
  • Full content search (OCR)
  • Custom metadata attributes
  • Global search across campuses
  • Simple file sharing
  • Unlimited file types
  • Self-managed 

If you've been wondering what to do with CAD files, design documents, and other "non-daily" use documents, then Legacy Documents might be a great place to start. Here's a brochure with more information on this module. If you want more information on these documents and how to deal with buildings evolving as they age we also invite you to follow us on Linkedin.


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