BUILDING INFORMATION LIBERATION!   ARC Facilities Revolutionizes Building Information Access, Freeing Technicians to Be More Productive on the Go

ARC Facilities Revolutionizes Building Information Access, Freeing Technicians to Be More Productive on the Go

Facilities are filled with information – in people’s heads, on shared drives, on scraps of paper – making it hard to reach the hands of technicians in the field who need building info to make critical equipment, maintenance, and safety-related decisions.

Take construction projects, for example. For every project and every renovation, tons of documents are generated. Facilities teams need this documentation so they can see if equipment has been relocated or replaced.

At the same, some documents are not needed quickly, but need to be organized and stored so they’re easily accessible. Examples: CAD files, sketches, and contractor information.

Fortunately, ARC Facilities has laid the groundwork to liberate your building, equipment, and construction documentation via a platform that anyone can access via their mobile devices. In a recent webinar, conducted by our VP of Product, the latest additions to the ARC Facilities platform were highlighted. 

Accessible Building Information, Improved Productivity & Continuity

The ARC Facilities vision is to make building information easily accessible to facilities technicians by transferring it from paper files and shared drives to mobile devices -- allowing technicians to access architectural and MEP plans, as well as other important building information, whenever and wherever they need it.

With instant access to building information, technician productivity skyrockets as they no longer need to spend time searching for information in plan rooms or shared drives allowing technicians to quickly locate and address issues before they worsen.

With mobile-first technology, facilities teams can maintain business continuity by capturing knowledge from retiring employees, ensuring that vital information remains in the organization.

"Having instant access to that information is really critical to business continuity," said National Director, David Trask.

Lift the User Experience

ARC Facilities has introduced new features to improve user experience and functionality. These include drag-and-drop uploading enabling users to upload files and entire folder structures quickly and easily to the platform, and Microsoft Office file support for storing, editing, and saving documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Additionally, QR codes have been integrated into the platform, allowing users to quickly access information tied to specific pins or forms by scanning the code.

Solution Additions

The Construction projects module provides visibility for facilities teams during construction projects, ensuring they have access to information and documentation throughout the process. This is a seamless hand-off…as facilities are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the building functions optimally.

The Legacy Documents module allows users to store and manage additional building information, such as CAD files, sketches, and contractor information, alongside their daily operational information. Why? Because there are also documents that are NOT needed every day, but should be organized, stored, and still easily accessible should the need arise.

Both modules include drag and drop upload functionality, which makes it easier to upload files and folder structures onto the platform.

QR codes can be linked to pins and forms, allowing technicians to quickly access information related to specific locations or pieces of equipment.

Verification & Versatility: Creative Use Cases

ARC Facilities can be used for various use cases, such as mapping out storm drains, electrical poles, and sprinklers on a campus, tracking room inspections, and managing artwork collections.

"A lot of our customers tend to think of our platform as something they need to use for stuff inside the building rather than things between the building, but facility campuses are vast, complicated, and constantly changing, so it’s important to be able to track and count assets outside and in between buildings,” said Trask.

Like a farmer, once the soil is prepared and ready, then you reap the rewards in how creatively you use the platform giving you the flexibility and knowledge to plan more effectively with a clear vision.

“We’re helping enable entire teams shape the facility’s future by contributing to the body of knowledge,” said Trask. “If you get an idea, you can implement it on the spot. You can’t break the system. You’re building a foundation for the future and what you add to it is up to you and your team.”

Take Control of Facility Operations with Instant Access to Building Information

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