Wicked good modules from ARC Facilities

Wicked good modules from ARC Facilities

Halloween can be a spooky time for facility managers. You’re not going to rest in peace (RIP) until you’re confident that your building is safe for residents, that you’re fully staffed and ready to conquer both everyday incidents and emergencies and that you have the best tools at your disposal.

If you’re an ARC Facilities user, you’re probably familiar with our facility management modules, and just in case we’ve missed the opportunity to bring you up to speed, here’s our full line-up of wicked good product offerings.

Wicked good modules from ARC Facilities

1. Buildings

Get instant mobile access to digital As-Builts and other critical building information. Find plans, images, videos and operating procedures in seconds. Markup a plan and share the changes with colleagues or contractors with the tap of your finger.


2. Equipment

Locate equipment or scan QR codes to access maintenance and operational details with your mobile device. Find equipment on-the-go to execute work orders quickly and efficiently. Click an item to go deeper, accessing important service and facility maintenance information a technician needs to improve service.


3. Emergency

Locate emergency equipment, act quickly and share information with first responders in seconds to lower risk during emergencies. Remotely locate information on shut-offs and how to operate them. Access evacuation plans, life safety measures and action plans from your device.


4. Facility Compliance for Healthcare.

Make it easier to keep highly regulated healthcare facilities compliant with instant access to the Environment of Care, Life Safety and Emergency Management. Minimize disruptions by always being prepared for an audit. Avoid overtime costs and backlog work from failed audits.


ARC Facility at Your Service

As always, we’re here to make your job easier, speed your work, ease the stress of facility nightmares and help you organize and find the documents you need – before fear and terror strike your workplace!


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