Eliminate Building Fears This Halloween

Eliminate Building Fears This Halloween

You know what’s scary?

Not knowing exactly where all your shut-offs are located. And yet, that’s the case at many facilities. Maybe they’re behind this bush. Maybe they’re above these ceiling panels. Maybe they’re in an office that no one uses anymore.

Hard to believe, but true, so this Halloween, we’re going to refer to a blog post that offers some solid advice: One Good Turn Deserves Another: Finding Shut-Offs Fast.

We’ve also compiled a list of the scariest places in every facility:

  • The Plan Room: Typically located far from everything else, the plan room contains the ghosts of every renovation and remodel, piled high in boxes, rolled up and tagged or buried in folders.

  • The Basement: We don’t know anyone who isn’t afraid of their basement. Basements are dark, there are spiders, and there are always strange sounds coming out of ancient equipment. In schools, basements store old desks, science projects and off-season holiday decorations. In hospitals, basements are the home to broken furniture, beds, and other things no one wants.

  • The Roof:  Just climbing up the ladder to reach the roof makes many of us shiver with fear. Then, once you get to the rooftop, it’s windy, things are shaking, and you can see how far up you are.

If you want to take the mystery out of your facility and make access to critical building information in the field a reality, then this Halloween consider augmenting your Facility Management Software toolbox at your facility.

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