<strong>Unleash the Power of Mobile to Provide Instant Access to Building Intelligence</strong><br/><small> Facility Management Insights from IDC</small>

Unleash the Power of Mobile to Provide Instant Access to Building Intelligence
Facility Management Insights from IDC

Few groups need instant access to building information more urgently than the facility, maintenance, and building security professionals responsible for delivering outstanding occupant experiences and keeping our facilities up and running safely.

The good news is that mobile solutions are driving efficiency across every business segment, especially those with workers who operate in the field, according to an IDC Analyst Brief, written by Mickey North Rizza, Group Vice President, Enterprise Software.

Plus, 59% of companies plan to increase spending on mobile applications compared with last year, according to IDC.

For facility teams who travel miles between facilities and require documentation to be easily available for both emergencies and daily equipment maintenance, getting their hands on info about shut-off, as-builts, and renovations quickly and easily is a huge productivity boost.

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