4 Creepy Skeletons Lurking in Your Plan Room or Job Site Trailer

4 Creepy Skeletons Lurking in Your Plan Room or Job Site Trailer

In dark, dingy plan rooms creeps and creatures hide among heaps of building features traced on paper sheets. These monsters wait to show their faces to unsuspecting architects, engineers, contractors and facility managers who rely on outdated, unorganized construction information. Take heed. These ghouls won’t wait ‘til Hallow’s eve to make you grieve; set forth and read this post lest your blueprints do deceive. Keep an eye out for these sinister plan room or job site trailer stowaways.

Haunted building of dingy plan rooms

Haunted building of dingy plan rooms

  1. The Skeletal Remains of a Relocated Shut-off Valve

When contractors move shut-off valves during renovations their closeouts must be complete. And facility managers can’t lose track of those updated plans. Otherwise, all that remains are drawings of old building skeletons. Even from the dead, these bags of bygone building bones could turn your halls into a river bed. Better hope someone remembers where the shut-off was moved when the pipes freeze over and burst.

  1. The Ghosts of Warranties Past

Speaking of pipes, did you hear the one about the store manager whose stock room was filled with water? The faulty plumbing failed and gallons poured out. He called a plumber and got it fixed, but not before the damage was done. His nightmare, he found out, had just begun. The plumbing was under warranty, but he didn’t know. By not calling the original plumber, the warranty was nothing but a ghost haunting him with an expensive bill he shouldn’t have had to pay.

  1. Productivity Vampires

These undead creatures lurking in your plan room don’t care for blood. Their appetite is for your team’s productivity. They thrive in an unorganized shared file drive. New ones arrive each time a change order is made and they love to make sure your project is delayed. The only thing that can kill them is to shine the light from an iPad equipped with ARC’s building information management platforms on them.

  1. A Frankensteinian Collaboration Creation

Be careful of what strange measures you create to keep your building and construction plans organized – like Outlook Calendars combined with Sharepoint. You may be horrified when the final results of your Frankensteinian creation come to life. But it’s not just the appearance of this disorganized, barely functional creature that frightens; his superhuman strength will crush team collaboration.

Does Your Recordkeeper Look Like a Mummy Wrapped in Blueprints?

A pile of unorganized blueprints might make a good costume, but wading through a swamp of paper and digital files is no way to work. Find out how you can brighten up your plan room or job site trailer; even better, get rid of it and all those creepy creatures completely with ARC’s building information technology solutions. And of course, have a happy and safe Halloween!

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