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Next-Gen Succession Planning for Facilities Teams

With 40 percent of facilities managers planning to retire in the next five years, school facility teams will be left with a serious and dramatic knowledge shortfall.

There’s an urgency to proactively address this migration before the next wave of retirements.

Next-Gen Succession Planning for Facilities Teams is the subject of this on-demand webinar, led by David Trask from ARC Facilities, hosted by APPA.  He talked about:

  • Leveraging the power and portability of mobile devices to train the next generation of facility team members
  • Ensuring continuity of maintenance and school building safety for teachers, students, and staff
  • The importance of instant access to building information for emergencies
  • Why investing in technology that will allow you to extract information from building documents without human intervention can both preserve legacy knowledge and decrease reliance on employee recollections of building plans
  • Why conducting retirement planning early on can ensure continuity of operations, and minimize disruptions and downtime

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