Top Four Safety Tips for 4th of July

Top Four Safety Tips for 4th of July

Ensuring people’s safety is #1 on the list of all facilities managers, but special occasions like the 4thof July demand elevated safety consciousness with fireworks, outdoor events, and increased foot traffic.

It's crucial to take proactive measures to mitigate potential risks. Here are the top four safety tips for facilities managers to keep environments safe and secure during this festive day.

  1. Conduct a comprehensive safety inspection. Prior to celebrations, check all emergency exits, fire extinguishers, alarm systems, and emergency lighting to make sure they’re functional. Pay special attention to areas such as parking lots, picnic areas, and roofs. Repair damages, address potential hazards, and remove obstacles that get in the way of high traffic areas.

  2. Communicate safety guidelines. Distribute safety instructions to employees, visitors, and residents. Emphasize fire safety and proper use of fireworks (if allowed). Utilize channels such as social media, email, bulletin boards and digital signs to reinforce safety guidelines.

  3. Secure outdoor areas. If your facility includes parks or gardens, take extra measures to secure these areas during 4th of July events. Ensure that fences, gates, and barriers are properly maintained. If your facility is near rivers, lakes, or oceans, install lifebuoys and signs indicating potential risks. Assign additional staff to monitor outdoor areas.

  4. Staffing. It’s crucial to have adequate staffing for special events. Make sure your staff is trained to deal with emergencies and assist visitors. Implement a clear plan for staff rotations, and schedule breaks for everyone. Encourage staff to report hazards and incidents promptly. Thank them for being proactive.

Many organizations equip facilities teams with mobile devices for storing building and emergency equipment info, evacuation routes, and local emergency contacts including fire departments, police, and first responders. If there’s an emergency, this info can be texted or emailed to the appropriate parties.

Check out our Facility Emergency Planning blog post for more information.

ARC Facilities wishes everyone a safe, happy, and joyous 4th of July!

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