Preventing Manufacturing Disruptions with Inside Building Knowledge
Facility Management Mobile-First Platform Helps Manufacturers Run Safely and Smoothly

Manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes. Some run 24/7/365. Some have multiple shifts. Large manufacturers are like small cities with multiple buildings serving different purposes, including offices and warehouses.

Whether you manufacture pharmaceuticals, shoes or ships, speed is a key to profitability. Disruptions of any kind wreak havoc with productivity and revenue. When a water pipe bursts, or the air quality is unsafe or employees aren’t ready to evacuate for emergencies, the focus is on the facility management team to make sure buildings are safe and sound for employees -- from rooftop HVAC systems to hand sanitizer stations.

How do savvy manufacturing facility teams stay on top of building repairs, equipment maintenance and emergency plans on manufacturing sites with massive square footage?

One way to maintain control of your manufacturing facility is with mobile-first technology from ARC Facilities that puts all your building plans, equipment details and emergency info into the palm of your hand.

Facility Management Mobile-First Platform

Key questions to consider:

  • Emergencies don’t happen “on schedule.” Does your team and first responders have access to evacuation route plans in the event of a flood?
  • Equipment inspections.  Does everyone on the facility team know if the diesel-driven fire pump inspections are up to date?  Could be important in the event of a fire.
  • Equipment Locations – Does your newest team member know where every piece of equipment is located?
  • Renovations and remodels. It’s likely your plant has been renovated or remodeled multiple times over the years. Are facility teams aware of structural changes that could impact accessing and servicing equipment which could disrupt activity on the floor or in offices?

Your facility team spends many hours in the plan room searching for building plans. Wouldn’t it be faster and easier to carry your plan room documents in your pocket?

Manufacturing facility teams need to know their buildings inside and out. With ARC Facilities, professionals can help keep their buildings running smoothly and safely for all employees. Here’s a video about a medical device manufacturer who uses our solution on-site.

Take Control of Facility Operations with Instant Access to Building Information

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