IFMA's Groundbreaking Whitepaper    Reveals 6 Critical Trends Reshaping the Industry

IFMA's Groundbreaking Whitepaper
Reveals 6 Critical Trends Reshaping the Industry

It seems like every day there’s another story about the impact of climate change and artificial intelligence in our personal lives and in the workplace.

Facilities teams, responsible for maintaining safe, healthy, and productive environments for all of us are dealing with keeping HVAC systems in hospitals and schools running despite weeks or months of 100-degree temperatures.

At the same time, making data-based equipment maintenance decisions using artificial intelligence as a tool holds great promise amid fears that technology will replace people.

In a 1:1 conversation with Suri Suriyakumar, CEO, ARC Facilities, we discussed the impact of AI-driven maintenance on facility operations, emergency responsiveness, and business continuity.

The takeaway is that AI will help drive efficiency and support on-the-go problem solving.

IFMA has done a deep dive into the impact of climate change, artificial intelligence, and other themes including the circular economy, workplace wellness, and well-being and PropTech in a whitepaper – Evolution is Never Finished.

No matter where you “live” in the facility management ecosystem, you’re probably feeling the impact of these trends in conversations with stakeholders. If there’s just one area where IFMA shines, it’s in bringing together a diverse and vibrant community, so thanks to IFMA for your dedication to educating us all.

IFMA established its Emerging Topics Working Group in 2022 to identify and explore the implications of high-impact emerging topics, and to engage FM professionals in developing practices to address them.

Twenty-three industry experts and seven members of the association’s professional staff, including IFMA President and CEO Don Gilpin, were led by the Chair of IFMA’s Global Board of Directors Dean Stanberry, CFM, SFP.

The working group considered the rise of smart building technologies, elevated focus on occupant safety and engagement, heightened awareness of buildings’ massive environmental footprints and increasing directives to meet ambitious net zero goals to present their findings.

“The convergence of external influences such as climate change, the rapid diffusion and uptake of digital technologies, and post-pandemic societal shifts is expanding FM knowledge, skill and experience requirements,” said Stanberry.

Download “Evolution is Never Finished” from IFMA, and ask yourself if your organization is okay or is it time to reassess, reset expectations or revise timelines?

We’re happy to share these enlightening insights with you and your team.

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