Heights, Heat and Hydration, Survival Tips for FMs

Heights, Heat and Hydration, Survival Tips for FMs

Lake Mead is drying up, wildfires rage in parts of the U.S. and air conditioners are working overtime. 

From Boston to Barstow, waves of summer heat are taking their toll on facility teams who are up on rooftops, climbing ladders, or down in boiler rooms. Because there’s no “off-season” for facilities, building and equipment maintenance are ongoing year-round. How do you maintain indoor air quality when it’s stifling outside?

Dealing with working outside when it’s above 90 degrees isn’t easy as you move from building to building, sometimes across great distances.

We appreciate the work our facilities friends do to keep our buildings up & running, while ensuring that patients, students, friends, families, and staff members are comfortable, safe, and secure.

Thankfully, our friends at ThisWeekInFM.com offer valuable suggestions about beating the heat, including hydration tips, suggestions about PPE and using window coverings, blinds, and screens to cool building spaces in this article, “How Do Facilities Management Teams Cope in Heat Waves.”

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