FM 10: Emergency Preparedness Tips

FM 10: Emergency Preparedness Tips

In the facility management field, emergencies test our abilities to stay calm, think about critical building data, test our knowledge of the building, including renovations and retrofits, and have a deep knowledge of facility equipment.

During emergencies, our relationships with first responders are elevated while the care, safety, and security of building residents, whether they’re students, staff, medical professionals, office workers, visitors, vendors, or contractors are put to the test.

Here are 10 facility management emergency preparedness guidelines:

  1. Know where all the exits are in each floor of every building
  2. Have a group text of key personnel ready to go on your mobile device, including first responders
  3. Know your evacuation routes and shelters
  4. Know how and where to find shut-off gas, water, and electricity, O&M documentation and Emergency and life safety documentation
  5. Know how to perform CPR
  6. Have blankets and beverages available to keep people warm and hydrated if you need to evacuate a building
  7. Be prepared for an in-depth investigation and recovery process
  8. Know where the historical building plan information and dangerous chemicals are in your building
  9. Let your family know what’s happening and provide updates
  10. Use your phone to take photos and video so you can learn how to respond faster and calmer for the next emergency

Get to know your local fire department or FEMA and ask them for help preparing your facility for emergencies before the next emergency. Find guest speakers who've survived facility pipe bursts, fires, and other disasters. There's nothing more powerful than hearing directly from folks with real world experience.

For more information about how facilities teams are being proactive in responding to emergencies, here are some resources you may find useful:

On-Demand Webinar: Floods, Fires, and Facilities: Emergency Preparedness for Facilities Teams

1-Minute Video: Responding to Emergencies

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