Fenway Park Hits A Home Run with ARC Facilities.
Insights from Robyn Pacini, Facilities Coordinator for
The Boston Red Sox.

Boston’s Fenway Park, known as America’s Most Beloved Ballpark, was built in 1912. The first game at Fenway was played on April 20, 1912. Numerous renovations, milestones and historic moments have been part of the story for 100+ years. Its Hall of Fame includes the likes of Babe Ruth, Carl Yastrzemski and Ted Williams.

There have been literally thousands of classic moments in the park, but no one was prepared when a global pandemic struck.

ARC Facility’s Role in Optimizing Stadium Management

How would Major League Baseball (MLB) adapt? How would stadium facility managers get the park ready for the return of employees, players and eventually fans?

We have been using the ARC Facilities management app to find square footages of our designated areas to see how many personnel we are allowed to put in there based off the 1 person/113SF rule that MLB has put in place,” said Boston Red Sox facilities coordinator Robyn Pacini. “For instance, we have 8 press boxes specific to certain broadcast companies. We found the square foot of each box with the calibration from the app’s freeform area ruler and divided the total by 113 to find how many employees are allowed to be in there at one time.

For one of the last of the old school ball parks, facility managers at Fenway Park in Boston are taking a high-tech, high-touch approach to pandemic-driven conditions at the ballpark including installing, identifying and servicing 160 wall hung sanitizers with the help of an app from ARC Facilities.

Designed to give facility managers on the go instant access to building plans, locations of HVAC equipment, renovation details and more with just a tap on their smart phones, the team at ARC Facilities and the Boston Red Sox facilities team spent several “innings” discussing the details of how to prep the ballpark for the new season from a design, placement and installation perspective. Ballpark facility managers can use the facility management app to help locate and identify things like employee entrances and apply floor marking arrows to indicate the flow of traffic inside the stadium.

In our dense areas like our Auxiliary Visitor’s Clubhouse Area, hand sanitizers are spaced out on every column and every doorway,” said Pacini. “In the approximate 2000 SF area, we have nine sanitizers. This equates to about 1 to every 200 SF. Hand sanitizers are inspected and refilled each week to make sure none are empty when players or staff arrive.

To get a better feel for how you can use the ARC Facilities management app at your own “ballpark”, try this demo.

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