ARC Facilities Rolls Out Exciting New Features for 2022  Customer-Driven Enhancements: Simpler, Faster, More Productive

ARC Facilities Rolls Out Exciting New Features for 2022
Customer-Driven Enhancements: Simpler, Faster, More Productive

The facility management world is filled with facts and figures. We’re always talking in terms of square feet, numbers of buildings, locations, acreage, team members. Campuses are expanding, renovating, retrofitting. Meanwhile, facilities teams are on-site every day, constantly moving, consistently busy, keeping buildings up and running, and providing a safe environment for people.

It’s a fast-paced world that never slows down, so time management is a critical skill. There are only so many hours in a day, factor in lunch, a couple of breaks, and those eight hours become a blur. If there’s an hour or two that’s wasted searching for information, then team productivity suffers, and important tasks may be neglected.

Having information on-hand, on a handheld device, is such an important part of day-to-day life for facilities maintenance, so we took a serious look at our platform with the goal of trimming seconds or minutes from simple actions, all of which add up. We’re confident you’ll appreciate these improvements.

New enhancements to ARC Facilities are being introduced to help facilities teams more quickly and easily find, identify, and share information about millions of assets, electrical panels and other equipment, and decades of building documents. Customers should expect to see the improvements LIVE in the app on Feburary 14th!

Because visual communications are such powerful tools for on-the-go facilities teams, we’ve also eliminated visual clutter, and added thumbnail images, because looking at list views can be time-consuming.

We’ve incorporated several different ways, including Global Search, to search for information, across campuses, and across modules and we’ve moved our global search option and made it center screen. Now, searching for a specific electrical panel, air handler, or document can be done right from the Campus Dashboard.

Finally, we’re integrating with Microsoft Office, so you can create, edit, and share Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

Our mission is to keep your institutional knowledge current, appropriate for your campus, and help team members enterprise-wide as campuses are constantly growing, evolving, and responding to new situations, rules, and regulations.

Your input is key to these enhancements and the ongoing evolution of ARC Facilities. We appreciate your suggestions and are excited about continuing to help make your job faster and easier.

Spring 2022 Product Enhancements Video

Spring 2022 Product Enhancements Overview PDF

New & Improved Files and Folders Overview Video

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