ARC Facilities Announces New Patents for optimizing   data transfers and synchronization of information

ARC Facilities Announces New Patents for optimizing
data transfers and synchronization of information

Facilities professionals work in multiple buildings, across large campuses, school districts, towns and geographical regions. Lack of immediate access to critical building information is often cited as the cause for maintenance delays and repairs, which compromise safety.

The technology team here at ARC Facilities is constantly working to elevate the user experience and functionality for our customers so that accessing and sharing data is simple and easy via the use of a robust document management software. 

ARC Facility Announces Two Patents for Optimizing Data Transfer

Just recently, ARC Facilities announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued two patents directed to systems and methods for optimizing data transfers and synchronization of information, both processes that enable ARC Facilities’ solution for accessing critical building information.

The patents reflect the innovative nature of ARC Facilities technology, which extracts building intelligence from construction plans without human intervention and delivers it to facilities professionals on demand through mobile devices. Such information has historically been cumbersome to retrieve since it is most often stored in hard copy in centralized repositories or on outdated desktop systems. Instant access to critical building information on mobile devices transforms facilities management in healthcare, education, public utilities and commercial real estate.

Extract Building information from construction plan

The technology is built around two specific segments that addresses the efficiency and handling of large data sets used to manage buildings, campuses, hospitals and other facilities,” said Rahul Roy, CTO, ARC Facilities. “Our customers often work far away from stable digital infrastructure, using networks that are often constrained or even intermittent. The IP we developed makes digital transfers and synchronization more adaptable when consistent bandwidth is compromised.”

Decades of experience in distributing construction documents and managing building information has allowed Rahul and our R&D team to develop technology that transforms how building information is accessed via leveraging a document management software,” said Suri Suriyakumar, CEO of ARC Facilities. “With a system that is intelligent enough to augment expertise, learn what information is most important and offer it on demand regardless of location, facilities professionals can operate more cost-effectively, more productively and increase safe building operations.

The Conclusion:

ARC Facilities designs and develops powerful and intuitive apps to deliver critical building information to facilities professionals using non-proprietary mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. A simple swipe and a few taps allow users to view building plans for routine maintenance and handle emergencies within seconds. Here’s a 3-minute demo video that shows how intuitive our app is for Facilities professionals.

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