Using Technology to Increase Facility Efficiency

Using Technology to Increase Facility Efficiency

Facilities Managers have to know everything about their buildings, from when and how it was built, to the inspections it passed, problems that were fixed, upgrades that were made, and tenant improvements that have taken place over the lifespan of the structure.

Thousands of documents have to be maintained, updated, and kept easily accessible. They are the life blood for facilities maintenance.

Yet facilities managers are often faced with significant document control and building information management challenges:

  • Information is required to be continuously updated
  • Documents and information are often stored in multiple locations
  • Documents are often kept in different formats
  • Vital information is often found missing
  • Access to the content has to be managed and maintained for operations staff, building management, contractors, public safety agencies, and others
  • Meeting regulatory compliance and audit requirements

As an industry specialist in managing documents and information to facilitate better communication in the design and building trades, ARC has a unique perspective on creating efficient methods of document control for the built environment. The result is ARC’s facility management technology organizes and links critical operations documents in a central repository and making them accessible on mobile devices, large touchscreen displays, and computers.

Paper documents of all kinds and sizes are converted to digital files, organized, and incorporated into a simple-to-use graphical interface. This includes documents from virtually any source such as construction drawings, maintenance logs, equipment lists, warranties, O&M manuals, safety plans, inspection reports, audits, and safety plans.

The resulting cloud and mobile-enabled dashboard provides a portable and comprehensive building information management system that makes finding and using facilities documents quick and easy from any location.

Enhances Workflow Efficiency and Team Productivity

With tap/swipe/pinch simplicity on a mobile device, or point-and-click familiarity on a computer, owner-operators of any real estate asset can easily deploy a linked and customized library of operating documents that:

  • increase understanding of a facility’s current state with integrated Tenant Improvements
  • link to Operation & Maintenance Manuals and Warranties
  • help manage workspaces and key infrastructure including IT network mapping
  • provide access to Life Safety and Emergency Response plans
  • control site planning and signage packages
  • track equipment and maintenance logs
  • inform operating and business decisions

While facilities managers often work in the background, they have to keep track of a lot of information no matter what they’re doing or where they are.

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