Healthcare Compliance: How To Get Started

Get easy access to crucial information through a centralized location 1:00
Watch how quickly you can be up and running with ARC’s award-winning software.

Healthcare Compliance: Emergency Preparedness

Access to Healthcare compliance documents made easy 1:00
Make continuous healthcare compliance easy with the ARC mobile App.

Healthcare Compliance: Streamlined Compliance

Access to readily available compliance documentation 1:27
Successful compliance depends as much on accurate physical environment self-surveys.

Healthcare Compliance: Digital Transformation

Scan, organize and link all facility document 1:16
ARC will scan, organize and link every file and document you have.

ARC Facilities Overview

Quick access to vital facilities information 2:05
Instant access to critical facilities information. Improve productivity and communication with anywhere, anytime access to your information.

How Facilities Teams Improve Emergency Response with ARC

Access emergency information easily 1:45
Access and share critical emergency information in seconds with ARC’s Mobile Facilities Dashboards.

How Facilities Teams Boost Productivity with ARC

Improve productivity and reduce costs 1:47
Facilities teams increase productivity and save time and money with ARC’s Mobile Facilities Dashboards.

How Facilities Teams Protect Against Retiring Workers with ARC

Secure your facility information in one tap 1:29
Keep critical facility information in-house no matter who is on staff with ARC’s Mobile App.
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