Equipment Management

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Instant access to equipment details with your mobile device

Finding equipment within a building or across a campus has never been faster. Instant access to equipment details means everyone can execute work orders quickly and efficiently.

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Facilities technicians waste


per day looking for information

Find Information Fast

Quickly locate equipment information, shutoffs and As-Builts by simply tapping a screen. Click an item to go deeper - instantly access the important service and maintenance information that a technician needs to improve service response.

Equipment Management Software

Scan Equipment Codes

Use the ARC Facilities app to scan QR codes and instantly access documents like equipment O&Ms, warranties, parts lists, inspection reports, training videos, technician notes and more.

Simplified Facility Management

Technicians can access everything they need to quickly complete maintenance or repair tasks. Photos, O&Ms, service logs, manufacturer details, and more are instantly available - with just a tap. Eliminate unproductive time searching for information and get work done faster.

Equipment Maintenance