ARC Building Management

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Instant access to As-Builts, shutoffs and critical building information.

As-builts are organized and continuously updated for efficient facility maintenance and management. Shutoff maps provide instant access to locations, pictures, and operating procedures.

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The average building-related disaster costs more than


Shutoffs Maps

During an emergency, locating shutoffs and taking appropriate action are critical steps in preventing potential damage or injuries. Shutoff maps provide visual locations as well as pictures, videos, operating manuals and training guides.

Emergency Shutoff Maps

Instant Building Information

Traditional building maintenance software does not provide mobile access to As-Builts and plan sets. ARC's Map View shows multiple As-Builts for each floor in an organized set so even the newest employees can find the right plans quickly.

The Mobile Planroom

With ARC Facilities, you have complete building information instantly available. Avoid searching through stacks of paper, planrooms and network drives looking for As-Builts. Easily markup a plan and share the changes with colleagues or contractors with the tap of your finger.

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